Sr. No.TopicSubjectEventCategorySearch KeyStatusAccessFeatured RankDescription
1.Islam Mein Roshan FikriMaarif-e-Islami2000 Lectures, DarsInactivePublic0
2.Ummat ko darpasih mushkilaat aur InsijaamAsr Shanasi, Wahdat-e-Islami, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanUnknownMajalisInactiveMember0
3.Zulm Ke Khilaf Sukoot Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMohurram 2006, Majalis, ActivePublic0Silence Against Oppression
4.Muqadassat-e-Islami Ki TauheenAsr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Global, -, ProgramActivePublic0Lecture held on 8th Shawwal - the anniversary of the Destruction of Jannat-ul-Baqi - and analysis on the burning of the Holy Quran on September 11th
5.Quetta Blast - ClipAsr ShanasiRamadan 1431-2010ProtestActivePublic0
6.Tashee Janaza Shohada-e-Saniha LahoreAsr ShanasiRamadan 1431-2010ProtestActivePublic0
7.Al-Quds Rally Asr ShanasiRamadan 1431-2010ProtestActivePublic0An outstanding Lecture delivered in Al-Quds rally In Lahore. A very important statement on the current issues and the Blasts happened recently in Pakistan. A must listen and eyeopening lecture.
8.Aamal-e-Shab-e-Qadr - 21st RamadanFalsafa-e-IbadatRamadan 1431-2010SermonActivePublic0
9.Aamal-e-Shab-e-Qadr - 19th RamadanFalsafa-e-IbadatRamadan 1431-2010SermonActivePublic0
10.Shab-e-Qadr - Shab-e-Zarbat-e-Imam Ali (as)Imamat Ummat, Falsafa-e-Ibadat2004, Ramadan 2004, MajalisActivePublic0Majlis on the night of Laylat-ul-Qadr - 19th Ramadan 1425
11.Allama Iqbal Ka Talib-e-Ilm Maktab-e-Islami, Shaksiyat ShanasiAllama Iqbal RelatedSeminarActivePublic0A Must Listen Lecture - 9th November 2010 - for All Students who are seeking Knowledge, be it Secular Education Or Religious Education
12.Marakiz-e-Deeni Ke FaraizUmmat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan, Tableegh-e-DeenMohurrum 2007, Dars, Madrassa Dars, ActivePublic0The Role of Imambargha's and Religious Centers & Their Responsibilites
13.Maan (Mother)Akhlaq-e-Islami2010 OthersProgramActivePublic0In this comprehensive lecture on the Rights of Parents, the speaker talks about the Emanation of Allah in the form of Mother on this earth and her Position (Maqam) in Our Lives.
14.Ramadan - Maah-e-Insan SaaziFalsafa-e-IbadatRamadan 1431-2010, -, DarsActivePublic0
15.The Benefits of the Holy Month of RamadanFalsafa-e-IbadatRamadan 1431-2010DarsActivePublic0
16.Falsafa-e-Roza - 2Falsafa-e-IbadatRamadan 1431-2010, -, DarsActivePublic0Lectures held in the Holy Month of Ramadan 1431-2010
17.Islami Nizam-e-TaaleemMaarif-e-Islami, Tableegh-e-DeenUnknownSeminarActivePublic0The System Of Education In Islam
18.Qaumo Ke Urooj-o-ZawalUmmat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMohurrum 2004, Majalis, ActivePublic0
19.Falsafa-e-Mahdaviyat - 2Falsafa -e- IntezarShaban ProgramsSeminar, ActivePublic0
20.Barsi Shaheed Arif HussainiShaksiyat ShanasiUnknown, SeminarActivePublic0
21.Falsafa-e-Mahdaviyat - 1Falsafa -e- IntezarShaban ProgramsDars, ActivePublic0
22.Karbala Ki Ibratein - 2Hamasa-e-KarbalaUnknown, SeminarActivePublic0A MUST LISTEN 5-Day Seminar on Karbala Ki Ibratein presented by the speaker in a different manner as presented in the previous seminar held in 2001.
23.Friday Prayer SermonsUmmat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMohurrum 2007, Sermon, ActivePublic0Various Friday Prayer Sermons
24.Usool-e-Ma|ashrat-e-Islami - 1Maarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic04-Day Majalis From 17th to 20th Muharram 1432
25.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 2Maarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Majalis held at Imambargah Abul Fazl from 11th to 13th Safar 1432
26.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 5Maarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11, -, MajalisActivePublic0Majalis from 7th to 9th Safar 1432
27.Maiyaar-e-Shia - 2Islam ShanasiMuharram 2010-11ProgramActivePublic0The Criteria of Being a Shia
28.Maiyaar-e-ShiaIslam ShanasiMuharram 2010-11ProgramActivePublic0The Criteria of being a Shia - Please see the Topics section for the same Topic recited in Haripur
29.Karbala-e-Haqeeqi Wa Karbala-e-KhayaliHamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2010-11, -, MajalisActivePublic0The Real Karbala & The Imaginary Karbala - Ongoing Majalises from 1st to 5th Safar 1432
30.Taleem Wa Tarbiyat - 2Tarbiyat-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11DarsActivePublic0Program arranged by ISO - 29th Muharram 1432
31.Paigam-e-ShaheedHamasa-e-Karbala, Maqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0A MUST LISTEN! - Majlis on the Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Ali Nasir Safvi
32.Usool-e-Ma|ashrat-e-Islami - 3Maarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic04-Day Majalis from 26th to 29th Muharram 1432
33.Aafaat-e-Ma|ashratMaarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0The Calamaties Of A Society
34.Taleem Wa TarbiyatTarbiyat-e-IslamiMohurrum 2005, Dars, ActivePublic0Taleem Wa Tarbiyat - Education & Upbringing of Children
35.Usool-e-Ma|ashrat-e-Islami - 2Maarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Ongoing Majalises from Islamabad
36.Bethat-e-Rasool (as) Wa Bethat-e-Imam Khomeini (ra)Falsafa-e-Bethat, Inqilab-e-Islami, Paigambar-e-AazamUnknown, DarsActivePublic0Lecture given in 2006 on the Bethat of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), the Bethat of Imam Khomeini (ra) and the Bethat of Hezbollah
37.Ummat Ki Tadreeji MawtHamasa-e-Karbala, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMuharram 2010-11, -, MajalisActivePublic0The Gradual Death Of the Islamic Ummah - 5-Day Majalis from 11th to 15th Muharram 1432
38.Majlis-e-Shab-e-Ashoor 1432Hamasa-e-Karbala, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Majlis held at Mochi Gate
39.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - AdabMaarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Day Majlis on 9th Muharram 1432-2010
40.Fitna-e-Aakhir-Uz-ZamanHamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2010-11, -, MajalisActivePublic03rd Ashra-e-Majalis discussing on the Fitna created by the Enemies of Islam, especially those Fitnas created for the Islamic Ummah. An exposition of the Fitna of WikiLeaks
41.FitratInsaan Shanasi, Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2010-11, -, MajalisActivePublic0Second Ashra-e-Majalis
42.Karamat Wa Sharaf-e-HussainiHamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Ashra-e-Majalis discussing on the Kalimat and Khutbaat of Imam Hussain (as) From Madina to Karbala
43.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) - Behtareen SaathiMaarif-e-Islami2010 OthersProgramActivePublic0This lecture focuses on the various Companions in the life of a Human Being; focusing especially on Marriage and what should be the criteria for choosing a Husband or Wife.
44.Eid-ul-Adha Sermon And NamazFalsafa-e-Ibadat2010 Others, ProgramActivePublic0
45.Aamal-e-Roz-e-ArafahFalsafa-e-Ibadat2010 OthersProgramActivePublic0
46.Hussainiat - Raah-e-Nijaat-e-PakistanAsr Shanasi, Hamasa-e-Karbala, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMuharram 2010-11, -, ProgramActivePublic0Hussainiat - The Path For Salvation Of Pakistan - Lecture held on Yawm-e-Hussain Day at the Islamic International University - 22nd Muharram 1432
47.Wiladat-Imam Reza (Tasleem)Seerat ShanasiYaum e WiladatSeminar, Dars, ProgramInactiveMember0
48.Yawm-e-Hussain 2010Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2009-10SeminarActivePublic0Yawm-e-Hussain Karachi University 2010
49.Wilayat Mehwar-e-DeenWilayat, Mohurrum 2007, Majalis, ActivePublic0
50.Log Dunya Ke Bande HaiHamasa-e-Karbala, Tarbiyat-e-IslamiMohurram 2006, Seminar, ActivePublic0Seminar in Khairpur
51.Majlis-e-Shab-e-Ashoor 1431Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2009-10MajalisActivePublic0Ashoora ke din bhi Hussain ko Labbaik kahne waalo ki tashnagi thi aur aaj ke rahbar ko bhi aise labbaik kahne waalo ki zaroorat hai.
52.Hussain Chiragh-e-HidayatHamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2009-10MajalisActivePublic0The path, guidance and the lantern of guidance is required by those human beings who have a purposeful life. Leader is required where there is a purpose.
53.Karbala Aagahana wa Ikhtyaari RaastaHamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2009-10, -, MajalisActivePublic0The Path of Karbala adopted by Imam Hussain(a) was done after complete awareness and intentionally. When He was questioned by Umme Salma(s) replied the same and this Ashura Majalis is an exegesis of His reply about the knowledge of calamities.
54.Shi|aar-e-HussainiHamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2009-10, -, MajalisActivePublic0Imam Hussain(a) in his confrontation with Yazeed raised certain slogans in his journey from Medina till Ashura. These slogans were representing the ideology and values for which He started this uprising. What were these slogans and values?
55.Wilayat Mehware Deen - Ladies ProgramFalsafa e Deen, WilayatUnknownSeminar, ProgramInactiveMember0
56.Ummat ke Urooj aur Zawal me mukhtalif Tabqaat ka Kirdaar - SufahaUmmat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMohurrum 2009SeminarInactiveMember0
57.Falsafa-e-Qayam-e-Imam Hussain (as)Hamasa-e-Karbala, Imamat Ummat2001 (Seminars), SeminarActivePublic0A 4-Day Seminar held in Dubai
58.Madaris e Imamia ke baccho aur teachers se khitaabAsr Shanasi, Tarbiyat-e-Islami, Tableegh-e-DeenUnknownSeminar, SermonInactiveMember0
59.Rasoole Khuda ki Zaat - Ummat ke liye nuqta e IttihadWahdat-e-Islami, Paigambar-e-A'azamHafta-e-Wahdat, -SeminarActivePublic0The essence of Holy Prophet - Unification point for Ummah (nation). An edited collection of various lectures delivered on Islamic unity, presented in a multimedia format. A must to play in Unity gatherings amongst all sects.
60.Wiladat-e-Imam Hussain (as)Seerat ShanasiYaum e Wiladat, Seminar, Dars, Program, InactivePublic0
61.Misaali Tanzeerm aur Uska MeyarMaarif-e-Islami, Inquilab-e-Islami, Tarbiyat-e-IslamiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0
62.Yaume HussainWilayat, Seerat Shanasi, Manshoor-e-ImamatUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0
63.World Trade Centre AttackAsr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - GlobalSeminarInactiveMember0
64.Wilayat Roohe AshuraWilayat, Hamasa-e-KarbalaUnknownMajalis, SeminarInactiveMember0
65.Wilayat Mehware DeenFalsafa e Deen, WilayatUnknownMajalis, SeminarInactiveMember0
66.Wilayat-e-FaqihWilayat, Hukumat-e-Islami, Islam ShanasiUnknown, Seminar, ActivePublic0A Must Listen 4-Day Seminar explaining the Concept of Wilayat-e-Faqih (Government of the Jurisprudent)
67.Wahdat Paigam-e-KarbalaHamasa-e-Karbala, Wahdat-e-IslamiMohurram 2008, Majalis, ActivePublic01st Ashra-e-Moharram
68.Majalis Shahadat-e-Imam Hassan (as)Shaksiyat Shanasi1438 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majalises held on the Shahadat of Imam Hassan (as)
69.Naujawano ki ZimmedarianAsr Shanasi, Akhlaq-e-Islami, Tarbiyat-e-IslamiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0
70.Yawm Al-Quds Yawm AllahAsr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanRamazan 2005, SeminarActivePublic0A 2-Day Seminar explaining the importance of the Day of Qods and how we can commemmorate this Day, which is the Day of Allah.
71.Yawm-e-Hussain (as)Hamasa-e-Karbala, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMuharram 2010-11ProgramActivePublic0Speech Held At JPMC College on 13th Safar 1432
72.Shanakht-e-InsanInsaan ShanasiUnknownSeminarActivePublic0Shanakht-e-Insan (Recognition of Man)
73.Inauguration of Hawza-e-Ilmiya Urwat-ul-WuthqaWilayat, Tableegh-e-DeenYaum e WiladatProgramActivePublic0Program on 13th Rajab 1431 Wiladat of Imam Ali (as) and also the Inauguration of Hawza-e-Ilmiya Urwat-ul-Wuthqa
74.Falsafa-e-Islami Zaroorat-wa-AhmiyatAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) ProgramsSeminarActivePublic0
75.Afkar-e-Imam aur Inqelab Say Ghaflat Ka NateejaAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) ProgramsSeminarActivePublic0
76.Meeras-e-Imam Khomeini R.AAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, Seminar, ActivePublic0Barsi e Imam Khomeini (R.A) Program Lahore.
77.Fakhr-wa-Sharm InqelabiAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) ProgramsSeminarActivePublic0Imam Khomeini R.A Barsi Program Karachi.
78.Fikr-e-Imam Khomeini Rah-e-Nijaat-e-PakistanAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, ., , BarsiSeminarActivePublic0An excellent speech focusing on the Current Situation of Pakistan. Pakistan can solve its problems provided it follows the way of Imam Khomeini (ra)
79.Muqadas Daldal-wa-Sarab Aur Inqelab-e-IslamiAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Inquilab-e-IslamiBarsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) ProgramsSeminarActivePublic0This seminar was held in International Islamic University Islamabad.
80.Shaheed Muzaffar Kirmani - Majlis After ShahadatMaqam-e-Shaheed aur ShahadatUnknown, MajalisActivePublic0Shaheed Muzaffar Ali Kirmani & Shaheed Nazir Abbas were Martyred on 5th February 2001 in Karachi, Pakistan. The Majlis was recited two days after the martyrdom.
81.Imam Khomeini (r.a) Barsi Programs - 2010Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) ProgramsSeminarInactivePublic0Ongoing Programs on the occasion of Imam Khomeini (r.a) anniversary held in different places in Pakistan
82.Ashura Az Nazar-e-Imam Khomeini (ra) - 1Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2009-10SeminarActivePublic0Inqilab Sarmashq-E-Ashura hai. Imam-e-Rahil ka raasta jo Ashura se liye hai wohi Pakistan ki najaat ka raasta hai.
83.Quran Az Nahjul BalaghaQuran ShanasiRamazan 2006DarsActivePublic0Lectures in Peshawar 2006
84.Maadar-e-Aan Karwaan Saalar-e-IshqSeerat ShanasiUnknownMajalisActivePublic0Majalis on the Martyrdom Anniversay of Lady Fatema (s.a)
85.Falsafa-e-AetekaafFalsafa-e-IbadatUnknownDarsActiveMember0Single Lecture
86.Falsafa-e-LazzatMaarif-e-IslamiUnknown, Dars, ActivePublic0Philosophy of Lazzat
87.Falsafa-e-MutahMaarif-e-Islami, Unknown, Dars, ActivePublic0A good lecture describing the Real Philosophy of Mutah (Temporary Marriage)
88.Paigam-e-AshuraHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2004MajalisActivePublic02 Days Majalis
89.Falsafa-e-Roza - 1Falsafa-e-IbadatUnknownSeminarActivePublic0Philosphy of Fasting (Roza)
90.Falsafa-e-QayamatFalsafa e Deen, Aqaed-e-Islami2004 Seminars, Seminar, ActivePublic0Philosophy of Qayamat
91.Falsafa-e-IntezarFalsafa -e- Intezar-, SeminarActivePublic0A 3-Day Seminar on the Philosophy of Awaiting (Falsafa-e-Intezar) - Held in the Year 1999
92.Insan Ki Tarbiyat Mein Khawateen Ka KirdarTarbiyat-e-Islami, Islam me Aurat ka MaqaamUnknownDarsActivePublic0The Role of Women In The Upbringing of Human Being
93.Manshoor-e-Baseej Az Nazr-e-QuranAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) ProgramsSeminarActivePublic0
94.Shahadat-e-Hazrat Muslim Ibn Aqeel (as)Wilayat2011 Others, Majalis, ActivePublic0Held in November 2011
95.Presentation - Shia Aur Uski ZimmedarianUmmat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanUnknown, Program, ActivePublic0A Presentation Showing the Difference between a Shia & A Lover (Muhib) & whether these both accept Responsibilities from their Religion or not. (High Quality can be downloaded in the Clips section)
96.Hamiyan-e-Deen Wa Hamilan-e-DeenHamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 2011-12, MajalisActivePublic0Ashra-e-Majalis in Aal-e-Imran Imambargah from 1st to 9th Muharram 1433
97.Karbala - Itmaam-e-HujjatHamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 2011-12, MajalisActivePublic0Ashra-e-Majalis being held in Qasr-e-Batool Imambargah from 1st to 9th Muharram 1433
98.Istiqbal-e-Muharram 1433Hamasa-e-Karbala2011 Others, Seminar, ActivePublic0How to Commemorate the Holy Month of Muharram
99.Inqilab-e-Islami Azadari Ka NatijaInqilab-e-Islami2000 Lectures, SeminarActivePublic0
100.Pakistan Mein Shatranj Ki Basaat Aur Ashurai Raah-e-HalAsr Shanasi, Tableegh-e-Deen2011 Others, Dars, ActivePublic0A Must Listen Analysis describing the Current Situation of Pakistan and the Ashuraai Solution to it - Preparation for Muharram & Responsibility of Muballigeen - Held on 24th November 2011
101.Irtiqa-e-Tanzeem - Speech at ISO ConventionUmmat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2011 Others, Seminar, ActivePublic0Held on 18th November 2011
102.Eid-ul-Ghadeer Program - 1432Wilayat, Imamat UmmatEid e Ghadeer, Program, ActivePublic0Program Held At Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa On The Night of Eid-e-Ghadeer - 14th November 2011
103.Mahjooriat-e-Wilayat Az Ghadeer Ta ZahoorWilayat, Imamat Ummat, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanEid e Ghadeer, SeminarActivePublic0Speeches By Ustad Syed Jawad Naqavi
104.Wataniyat Allama Iqbal Ki Nigah MeinMaarif-e-Islami, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0Speech held At ISO Convention - September 2011
105.Aamal-e-Roz-e-Arafah - 1432Aamal Wa Ibadat2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0Aamal held at Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa
106.Yawm-e-Ashoor 1433Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2011-12Majalis, ActivePublic0
107.Asrar-e-Hajj - 2Maarif-e-IslamiYear 1999 LecturesDarsActivePublic0
108.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 8 Maarif-e-Islami2011 Others, Dars, ActivePublic0In this Hikmat (Wisdom), the subject of Fitna has been discussed
109.Islam ShanasiIslam Shanasi2011 Others, SeminarActivePublic0Held on 28th October 2011
110.Shahadat-e-Imam Taqi (as)Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2011 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Speech held on the Shahadat (Martyrdom) of Imam Taqi (as) - 28th October 2011
111.Political Analysis - Latest Developments in the Middle East And North AfricaAsr Shanasi2011 Others, Seminar, ActivePublic0Political Analysis Speech held on 25th October 2011 - Latest Developments in the Middle East And North African Countries - The Hidden Role of Turkey in these developments
112.Bedari-e-Ummat-e-Muslima Az Nazar-e-Rahbar-e-MoazzamAsr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2011 Others, Seminar, ActivePublic0Speech Held in Bhojani Hall on 17th October 2011
113.Yawm-e-Mustafa (PBUH) - Karachi UniversityIslam Shanasi2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0Speech held at Karachi University on the occasion of Yawm-e-Mustafa (PBUH) - 17th October 2011
114.Maqam-e-Momin Dar Kalam-e-Imam Jafar Sadiq (as)Maarif-e-Islami2011 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Majlis Held in September 2011
115.Yawm-e-Zainab (sa) - 1432Hamasa-e-Karbala, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMuharram 2010-11, -, ProgramActivePublic0Ladies Program held at Ancholi Imambargah on 12th Safar 1432
116.Eid-ul-Adha Khutba (Sermon) - 1432Aamal Wa Ibadat2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0
117.Paigham-e-Shaheed Paigham-e-ShahadatMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0Speech on the occasion of Shaheed Jawahir who was coming from Gilgit to attend the Tarbiyati Camp in Hawza-e-Ilmiya Urwat-ul-Wuthqa and was martyred on the way.
118.Asraar-e-HajjFalsafa-e-IbadatHajj 2007DarsActivePublic0Must Listen for those who want to perform Hajj "The Secrets of Hajj"
Deliver at Mecca & Madina Durring Hajj 2007
119.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 31Maarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 2011-12, MajalisActivePublic0Various Majalises being in Safar 1433
120.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 22,23,28Maarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 2011-12, MajalisActivePublic0Safar 1433 AH
121.Yawm-e-Ali Asghar (sa)Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2011-12Program, ActivePublic0Program held on 19th Safar 1433
122.Aqeedat-o-Haqeeqat-e-AzadariHamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2011-12Majalis, ActivePublic0Majlis held in North Karachi on 17th Safar 1433
123.Fursat Shanasi (2)Maarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2011-12Majalis, ActivePublic0Majalis from 11th - 15th Safar 1433 held at Imambargah Yasrab
124.Islam Deen-e-Ghalib Tashayyo Maktab-e-GhalibIslam ShanasiMuharram 2011-12Majalis, ActivePublic0Majalis from 11th - 20th Safar 1433 being held at IRC
125.Barsi Shaheed Nasir Safvi - Paigham-e-ShohadaMaqam-e-Shaheed aur ShahadatMuharram 2011-12Program, ActivePublic0
126.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 20 - Jo Darr Gaya Woh Mar GayaMaarif-e-Islami2012 Others, MajalisActivePublic05-Day Majalis from 6th - 10th Safar 1433
127.Miscellaneous Speeches in Muharram 1433Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2011-12Majalis, ActivePublic0
128.Hayaat-e-Tayyeba Az Nazar-e-QuranMaarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2011-12Majalis, ActivePublic05-Day Majalis from 1st to 5th Safar 1433
129.Sham-e-Gariban - 1433Hamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 2011-12, MajalisActivePublic0Majlis & Noha Khwani
130.Emergence of New Leaders And The Return of the Zia-ul-Haq GroupAsr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2011 Others, Seminar, ActivePublic0Held on 25th December 2011
131.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 18Maarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 2011-12MajalisActivePublic05-Day Majalis from 26th to 30th Muharram 1433
132.Islami Bedari Aur Paigham-e-AshuraHamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2011-12Seminar, ActivePublic0Seminar Held at Royal Palace Hotel - 22nd Muharram 1433
133.Miscellaneous Speeches in Islamabad - Muharram 1433Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2011-12Program, ActivePublic0Various Speeches held in Islamabad
134.Karbala Mein Khawaas Ka KirdarHamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 2011-12, MajalisActivePublic05-Day Majalis in Jamea Imam Sadiq
135.Hamm-e-Hussain (as) Wa Gham-e-Hussain (as)Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2011-12Program, ActivePublic0Majlis held in Imambargah Baltistania - 21st Muharram 1433
136.Karbala Har Daur Ki Mushkil Ka HalHamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 2011-12, ProgramActivePublic0Majlis held on 21st Muharram 1433
137.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - Khazileen-e-Deen Wa Nasireen-e-DeenMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 2011-12, MajalisActivePublic05-Day Majalis from 16th to 20th Muharram
138.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - Ilahi Usool-e-ZindagiMaarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2011-12Majalis, ActivePublic0Majalis from 11th to 15th Muharram in Sabzazaar
139.Che Baayad Kard?Asr Shanasi, Maqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0Che Baayad Kard? (What should we do?) - Speech held at Takreem-e-Shohada-e-Quetta on 25th September 2011
140.Shaheed Aur Shahadat - 2Maqam-e-Shaheed aur ShahadatMuharram 2011-12ProgramActivePublic0Held in Bhuwana - Safar 1433
141.Haalat-e-Ummat Ba|ad Az Paigambar - 3Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Majlis on 28th Safar in Dera Ghazi Khan
142.Maghribi Aqdar (Functional Values) Aur Insani Aqdar (Human Values)Inqilab-e-Islami, 2011 Others, Dars, ActivePublic0Lectures held in Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa - April 2011
143.Current Crisis In The Middle EastAsr Shanasi, Political Analysis - Global, Seminar, ActivePublic0Political Analysis on the Current Situation in the Middle East - 15th April 2011
144.Basij Az Deedgah-e-Imam Khomieni (ra)Hamasa-e-Karbala, 2011 Others, Seminar, ActivePublic0Seminar held on 23rd March 2011
145.72 Taboot MajalisHamasa-e-Karbala-MajalisActivePublic0A yearly majlis held in sialkot.
146.Millat-e-Tashayyo-e-Pakistan Par Inqilab-e-Islami Ke AsraatAsr Shanasi, Inqilab-e-Islami2011 OthersProgramActivePublic0Speech held on 22nd March 2011 at Imamia Colony
147.Tuloo-e-Fajr Taleemi Convention (ISO)Tarbiyat-e-Islami, Tableegh-e-Deen, 2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0ISO Educational Convention held at Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa from 18th March to 20th March 2011
148.Seerat-un-Nabi (PBUH) Conference - Speech to LawyersSeerat ShanasiYaum e Wiladat, Program, ActivePublic0Speech to the Lawyers on the occasion of Milad-un-Nabi (PBUH) - 19th February 2011
149.Wahdat Aur Inqilab-e-IslamiAsr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2011 OthersSeminarActivePublic0Speech on the 32nd Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran - held on 13th February 2011
150.Wahdat-e-Islami - Countrywide ProgramsWahdat-e-Islami, 2011 Others, Seminar, ActivePublic0Countrywide Programs on the occasion of Hafta-e-Wahdat (12th to 17th Rabi-ul-Awwal)
151.Shia Aur Uski ZimmedarianUmmat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2011 Others, Majalis, ActivePublic0Held in September 2011
152.Bedaari-e-Millat Mein Ittehad-e-Ummat Ka KirdarWahdat-e-Islami, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2011 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Speech Held At Karachi University - 8th February 2011
153.Uswa-e-Fatimi (sa)Seerat Shanasi2011 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Khamsa Majalis held in Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa
154.Haalat-e-Ummat Ba|ad Az Paigambar - 2Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic02nd Majlis on 28th Safar 1432
155.Haalat-e-Ummat Ba|ad Az Paigambar - 1Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Majlis on 28th Safar 1432
156.Egypt And The Ongoing Crisis In The Middle EastAsr Shanasi2011 OthersProgramActivePublic0Political Analysis Speech held on 5th February 2011 -

157.Deen-e-Mustaqim (Istiqamat)Hamasa-e-KarbalaMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Single Majlis held on 22nd Safar 1432
158.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 6Maarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Single Majlis
159.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 9Maarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11, -, MajalisActivePublic0Ongoing Majalises from 17th to 19th Safar at Rizvia Imambargah
160.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 4Maarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Ongoing Majalises from 17th to 19th Safar 1432 at Abbas Town
161.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 3Maarif-e-IslamiMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic0Majalis From 14th to 16th Safar at Bhojani Hall
162.Ummat ki mushkilAsr Shanasi, Imamat Ummat, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanUnknownSermonInactiveMember0Sermon
163.Ashura Az Nazar-e-Imam Khomeini (ra) - 2Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)2011 OthersSeminarActivePublic0Speech Held At Bhojani Hall - 9th Feb 2011 - This Speech is the continuation of Last Year's Speech on the Anniversary of Islamic Revolution
164.Sabaq Imamat KaImamat Ummat2011 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Khamsa Majalis from 20th-25th July 2011-1432
165.Shaheed Aur ShahadatMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat2011 Others, Majalis, ActivePublic0Majlis held in D.I.Khan
166.Che Baayad Kard? Pakistan Ke Haalat Aur Raah-e-HalUmmat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2011 Others, Seminar, ActivePublic0Political Analysis - Held on 21st September 2011 --- Summary Of the Analysis
167.Eid-ul-Fitr Khutba (Sermon) 1432-2011Asr Shanasi-, , Eid-ul-FitrSermonActivePublic0A ''MUST LISTEN'' Khutba (Sermon) on Eid-ul-Fitr by Ustad Syed Jawad Naqavi
168.Yawm Al-Quds Rally - Ramadan 1432Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanRamadan 1432-2011Protest, ActivePublic0
169.Aamal-e-Shabhay-e-Qadr Aamal wa Ibadat-, Ramadan 1432-2011, ProgramActivePublic0Aamal-e-Shabhay-e-Qadr - 21st & 23rd Nights
170.Wilayat-e-Faqih Ke AbjadWilayat2011 Others, Seminar, ActivePublic0The Basics of Wilayat-al-Faqih
171.Ma|ashrati Shaksiyat Ka DifaUmmat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan, 2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0
172.Khawateen (Ladies) Programs In SkarduIslam me Aurat ka Maqaam2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0Ladies' Programs held in Skardu during July 2011
173.Shaheed - Aqdar Ya AwzaarMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat2011 Others, Seminar, ProgramActivePublic0Program Held on 5th August 2011 - 23rd Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Arif Hussain Al-Hussaini - At Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa
174.Speech - Rally In Support of the Oppressed Bahraini PeopleAsr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2011 Others, Protest, ActivePublic0Speech during Rally in Support of the Oppressed Bahraini People - 29th April 2011
175.Ummat Sazi Az Nazar-e-Quran-e-KareemImamat Ummat2011 Others, DarsActivePublic0The System of Ummat In The View Of Quran - Daily Lectures from Lahore - Ramadan 1432 - August 2011
176.Death of Osama Bin Laden And It|s Aftermath - MUST LISTEN!Asr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan, 2011 Others, Seminar, ActivePublic0A WAKE-UP CALL TO THE PAKISTANI ARMY AND THE PEOPLE! A MUST LISTEN ANALYSIS!
177.Haqeeqat-e-MahdaviyatFalsafa -e- IntezarShaban ProgramsProgram, ActivePublic0Lecture on the occasion of 15 Shabaan & supplication by Ustad Syed Jawad Naqavi
178.Shia ki ZimedarianAsr Shanasi, 2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0
179.Uswa-e-Hussain (a.s)Seerat Shanasi, 2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0Jashn-e-Wiladat-e-Imam Hussain (a.s)
180.Wiladat Imam Ali (as) And First Anniversary of Jamea Urwat-ul-WuthqaWilayatYaum e Wiladat, 2011 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Jashn-e-Wiladat-e-Imam Ali (as) & Jashn of the First Anniversary of Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa - Held On 19th June 2011
181.Pakistan Ke Maujooda Haalat.....Zimmedar Kaun?Asr Shanasi2011 Others, Program, ActivePublic0Program On Pakistan's Current Affairs - Organized by ISO - 11th June 2011
182.Wilayat - Nizam-e-IlahiWilayat2011 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Speech on 6th Rajab 1432
183.Asr-e-Imam Khomeini (ra)Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Asr ShanasiBarsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, ., , BarsiProgramActivePublic0Programs held on the 22nd Barsi of Imam Khomeini (ra)
184.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 7Maarif-e-Islami, 2011 Others, Majalis, ActivePublic0Majlis held on 31st May 2011
185.Fatima Zahra (sa) - Paasban-e-Khat-e-Rasool (as)Wilayat, Shaksiyat Shanasi2011 Others, Majalis, ActivePublic03-Day Majalis from 12th - 14th May 2011
186.Ahad-e-Ilahi Wa Meesaq-e-RuboobiHamasa-e-Karbala, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMuharram 2010-11MajalisActivePublic09-Day Majalis from 11th to 19th Safar at Islamic Research Center
187.Shohada-e-Mandi Bahauddin FuneralMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat2011 OthersProgramActivePublic0The Shohada (Martyrs) of Mandi Bahauddin were martyred when they were going to Iran by road & on the way in Quetta they were martyred by several gunmen - July 30th 2011
188.Manshoor-e-Ramazan Falsafa-e-IbadatRamazan 2009DarsActivePublic0Lectures held in Qom on the "Charter of Ramazan" and the spiritual secrets behind the blessed month of Ramazan.
189.Ummat-e-Muslima Ke Masail Aur Un Ka HalAsr Shanasi, Imamat Ummat, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMohurrum 2005SeminarActiveMember0The Problems of the Islamic Ummah and Their Solution
190.Qaza aur QadrAqaed-e-IslamiSeminars 2004 (old)SeminarInactiveMember0
191.Kirdaare ZainabiHamasa-e-Karbala, Mohurrum 2004, Majalis, ActivePublic0
192.Karbala ki Ibratein - 1Hamasa-e-Karbala, 2001 (Seminars), Seminar, ActivePublic04 Day seminar on the mentioned topic. It was organized in 2001 in karachi. A memorable seminar on the lessons to be taken from Karbala. It raises a fundamental question; If we would have been at the time of Karbala, which group would we belong to?
193.Hazrat Ali Ko Darpaish MushkilaatWilayatSeminars 2004 (old)SeminarInactiveMember0
194.Philosophy of Sex in IslamInsaan ShanasiMohurrum 2000SeminarInactiveMember0
195.Falsafa-e-GhadeerWilayatYear 1999 Lectures, SeminarGhadeer, Ghadir, Imam AliActivePublic0Discussing the true essence of commemorating and celebrating the event of Ghadeer.
196.Falsafa-e-AzadariHamasa-e-KarbalaYear 1999 LecturesSeminarAzadari, Mourning, Aza, MuharramActivePublic0A 5 days Seminar on the Philosophy of Mourning and Azadari rituals. A must listen for those who want achieve the true objective of Azadari
197.Falsafa-e-AhkamMaarif-e-IslamiMohurrum 2004SeminarInactiveMember0A single lecture on Philosophy of Religious rituals
198.TauheedAqaed-e-IslamiSeminars 2004 (old)SeminarInactiveMember0
199.Adab-e-Fahme QuranQuran Shanasi, Ramazan 2007, Dars, ActivePublic0A series of lectures on Etiquettes of Understanding Quran.
200.Shanakht e HussainiyatHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2004MajalisInactiveMember0
201.Maktabi Aur Gair Maktabi Intezar Mein FarqFalsafa -e- IntezarShaban ProgramsDarsActivePublic0
202.Falsafa-e-BethatFalsafa-e-BethatEid-e-BethatDarsbethat, muhammad, besat, ActivePublic0Must Listen!, What is the real meaning of Bethat and its role in the uprising of Elahi system and a start of Hidayat for Humanity.
203.Ali Wa Hasrat-e-AnsarSeerat ShanasiYaum e Wiladat, Seminarali, ansar, hasrat, ActivePublic0
204.Ummat Ki Bedari Mein Rahbari Ka KirdarWilayatPolitical Analysis - GlobalSeminarActivePublic0The Role of Leadership in Awakening The Ummah
205.Defeated velvet revolution in IranAsr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Global, -, SeminarActivePublic0A Must listen Lecture on what did happen in Iranian presidential election.
206.Imam Khomeini (ra) Aur Ummat-e-Muslima Ka Islami TashakkhusAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, ., , BarsiSeminarActivePublic0Two Anniversary programs on the Identity of the Muslim Ummah which has been distorted by certain enemy elements and discussing the true Islamic Identity of Muslims as presented by Imam Khomeini (ra)
207.Baseej az nazre Imam Khomeini (r.a)Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, Seminar, ActivePublic0A special program on the anniversary of Imam (r.a) specfically focussed on the key attributes of Baseej's (moblization force) of Imam Khomeini (r.a).
208.Adab - Seerate Fatema (s.a)Seerat ShanasiUnknownDarsActivePublic0The meaning and interpretation of Adab (Etiquettes) related to our relationship with self, creation and creator. Adab (Etiquettes) as a character of Infallibles and specifically Lady Fatema Zahra (s.a) which made their actions purposeful and fruitful.
209.Taseer e Afkar e Imam Khomeini dar jahan e islamAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)UnknownDarsInactiveMember0
210.Amr Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkar (Seminar)Maarif-e-Islami, 2001 (Seminars)Seminar, Amr Bil Maroof , Movement ActivePublic04 days historic seminar which exposes the distortion done on this engine of Islamic movement and presents in reality its true essence
211.Daur e HaazirAsr ShanasiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember02006 Programs: Joharabad
212.Falsafa e HajjFalsafa-e-IbadatUnknownProgramInactiveMember0Lectures on he occasion of Hajj-2006
213.Falsafa-e-Adl-e-IlahiAqaed-e-Islami, Mohurrum 2005Seminar, ActivePublic0
214.Eid e Miladun NabiSeerat ShanasiYaum e WiladatSeminarInactiveMember0Seminar on the occasion of Eid-e-Milad-ul Nabi S.A.W.W. Year 2006
215.Dawate IslamiIslam ShanasiUnknownProgramInactiveMember02006 - Qom, Lectures.
216.Cultural InvasionAsr Shanasi, Seminars 2004 (old), Seminar, ActivePublic0Cultural Invasion Seminar in London in the year 2004
217.Ahmiyate Yaum Al QodsAsr ShanasiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember02005: Karachi
218.Asre Imam KhomeiniAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) ProgramsSeminarInactiveMember0Asre Imam Khomeini: Barsi Programs 2008 (Seminars)
219.Eman Aur MaarifatFalsafa e Deen, Maarif-e-Islami, Mohurram 2008, Majalis, Seminar, ActivePublic0Majalis in Daresalaam
220.Dushman Shanasi Az nazre Imam KhomeiniAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Insaan Shanasi, Asr ShanasiMohurrum 2007SeminarInactivePublic0Seminar in Karachi: 2007
221.Shafa|atAqaed-e-IslamiYear 1998 Lectures, SeminarIntercession, ShafaatActivePublic0A 4-Day Seminar held on the topic of Shafa'at
222.Deendari ki Aafatein - 1Islam Shanasi, Mohurram 2006, Majalis, ActivePublic0Deendari Ki Aafatein - Part 1 - Series of 4 Lectures in Karachi
223.Naqshe Seerah e Payambar dar Tashkeele hukimate Islami Imam KhomeiniAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)UnknownDarsInactiveMember0
224.Azadari Nahzate Janabe Zainab S.AHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurram 2008MajalisInactivePublic0A must listen true perception of Azadari
225.Iqbal ka PakistanAsr Shanasi, Shaksiyat ShanasiAllama Iqbal Related, Seminar, ActivePublic0A Comparative analysis on Pakistan as desired by Allama Iqbal and the Pakistan of today.
226.Inqilab-e-Islami Karbala ki Amali TafseerInqilab-e-IslamiMohurrum 2005, MajalisActivePublic0Discussing the Position (مقام) of Imam Khomeini (ra) with other Ulema's in creating the Epic of the Islamic Revolution of Iran; Also describing the Role of Ashura in creating an Islamic Revolution in every Society.
227.Hussain Chiraghe HidayatHamasa-e-Karbala, Mohurrum 2005, Majalis, ActivePublic0
228.Hamasa e HussainiHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2005SeminarInactiveMember0
229.Fursat ShanasiInsaan Shanasi, Mohurrum 2005, Dars, ActivePublic0Fursat Shanasi (Recognition of Opportunities - Speech Delivered to Youths)
230.Deene Ilahi Deene AabaeeFalsafa e DeenMohurrum 2005MajalisActivePublic0
231.Asre Haazir aur Asre Imam HussainHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2005SeminarInactiveMember0
232.Asre Haazir se Asre Zahoor taqAsr ShanasiMohurrum 2003SeminarInactiveMember0
233.Deendari ki Mukhtalif ShakleinIslam Shanasi, Mohurram 2006, Majalis, ActivePublic02006: Lahore
234.Sharhe Dua-e-ArafahSharh-e-Dua o Munajaat, Ramazan 2008, Dars, عرفہActivePublic0
235.Speech in Rally for GazaAsr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - GlobalProtestActivePublic0Speech delivered in Rally for Gaza protest
236.Hararate QuloobHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurram 2008MajalisActivePublic0"Verily the assasination of Hussain creates a heat in the heart of believers that never subsides." Lecture on exegesis of this tradition
237.Amr Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil MunkarMaarif-e-IslamiMohurrum 2007MajalisActivePublic0The practical reality of Amr bil Maroof.
238.Ashura BaUnwan-e-MaktabHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2009, Majalisعاشورا ActivePublic0Ashura in Context of an Ideology School
239.Ummato ke urooj aur zawaal me mukhtalif tabaqaat ka kirdaar-1Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan, Mohurrum 2009, Majalis, عروجActivePublic0
240.Qafila -e- Hijaz me ek Hussain bhi nahiHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2009, MajalisActivePublic08 Majalis focussing on Hussainiat as the solution for current problems of Muslim nation
241.Qafila e Hijaz me ek Hussain bhi nahiAsr Shanasi, Political Analysis - Global, Seminar, Iqbal Baab e JibraelActivePublic0An exegesis based on Iqbal
242.Crisis in the subcontinentAsr Shanasi, Political Analysis - Global, Seminar, crisis ActivePublic0Analysis on 26/11
243.Nizam-e-Wilayat Aur Khawateen Ka KirdarWilayat, Islam me Aurat ka MaqaamMohurram 2006, SeminarSaamri,Wilayat,Moosa,ActivePublic0Role of Women in the system of Wilayat
244.Ahya-e-Fikr-e-Imam Khomeini (ra)Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Imamat UmmatBarsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, ., , BarsiDarsActivePublic0Highlighting the Elements of Imam Khomeini's Thoughts (Fikr) and the need to Implement them in our Society
245.Takrim e ShohadaMaqam-e-Shaheed aur ShahadatPolitical Analysis - GlobalMajalisShahid , Shahadat , Takreem , MaqaamActivePublic0
246.Ummato ke uroojo zawwal me Mukhtalif Tabaqaat ka Kirdaar - 2Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan, Mohurrum 2009, Majalis, ActivePublic0Continuation of the Topic in Quetta.Starting from 10th January
247.Karbala Quran ki TafseerHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurram 2006, SeminarکربلاActivePublic0
248.Hamasa-e-Hussaini (1 Day Seminar)Hamasa-e-KarbalaMohurram 2006SeminarActivePublic0
249.Raah-e-Imam (ra)Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, Seminar, ActivePublic0
250.Islame Naab dar Kalame IqbalShaksiyat Shanasi, Islam ShanasiAllama Iqbal RelatedProgramIqbal Islame Naab fikrActivePublic0
251.Alami IsteqbarAsr Shanasi, Mohurram 2006, Political Analysis - Global, Seminar, ActivePublic0
252.Raaz e Haram - The Secrets of HaramFalsafa-e-IbadatHajj 2007, DarsActivePublic0Six Lectures on the Secret of Haram (Kaaba)
253.Hamasa e Hussaini -1Hamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2005, Seminar, ActivePublic05-Day Seminar
254.Shanakht e QuranQuran ShanasiRamazan 2008, DarsActivePublic0Recognizing the purpose of Quran and an exposition on the different identities and definition mentioned by Quran itself for introducing it to humanity.
255.Pakistan me Salamati ka BohranAsr Shanasi, Rajab Shabaan 2008, Program, pakistan bohran politicsActivePublic0
256.Nizam-e-Wilayat Az Nazar-e-QuranWilayat, Imamat UmmatMohurrum 2007, Eid e GhadeerSeminarActivePublic0An excellent comprehensive seminar on the event of Ghadeer. The seminar exposes the misinterpretations with the concept of Wilayat and how Ghadeer lost its essence.
257.Asre Haazir ki Yazeediat aur Karbala ke TaqazeAsr ShanasiMohurrum 2009SeminarGAZA Palestine HamasActivePublic0Seminar on the success of HAMAS with analysis on the struggle in GAZA.
258.Falsafa-e-Shahadat Maqam-e-Shaheed aur ShahadatMohurrum 2004, 2004MajalisActivePublic0
259.Imam Khomeini aur Wazifa ShanasiAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) ProgramsDarsInactiveMember0Lecture in Qom delivered to the theology students in regards to the vision and thoughts of Imam Khomeini (r.a) related to the duties and obligatory responsibilities of Ulama (Scholars)
260.Mazloomiate Shia e Pakistan aur Takraar e Mazloomiyat e Ali (a)Asr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Global, Political Analysis - PakistanSeminarPakistan Parachinar Rahbar Gaza WilayatActivePublic0A multi dimension discussion on the object raised by some intellectuals in private and in media that why the leadership only talks about the oppression of Gaza and not about the oppresson on Shias in Pakistan, specifically Parachinar. A must listen thought provoker on the difficulties a leader undergoes right from the time of Ali (a) till today.
261.Hafta_e_WahdatWahdat-e-IslamiHafta-e-Wahdat, Seminar, ActivePublic0Series of Programs done on the accossaion of Hafta_e_Wahdat (The week of Islamic Unity)
262.Sulh-e-Imam Hassan (as)Seerat ShanasiUnknownDarsActivePublic0
263.And... The Journey Continues...WilayatMohurrum 2009SermonInactivePublic0A thought provoking Message of thanks for all the well wishers and followers of Wilayat by Hujjatul Islam Sayed Jawad Naqvi from Hospital.
264.Inqilab Islami Ke Khilaf SaazishenInqilab-e-IslamiMohurrum 2009, MajalisActivePublic0Inqilab Islami Ki Salgira per Khosisi Khitab
265.Inquilabe Islami ke Alami AsraatInqilab-e-IslamiMohurrum 2009, Seminar, ActivePublic0The Global effects of Islamic Revolution.
266.Baseej - Nishaan -e- Shohada (An Icon of a Martyr)Hamasa-e-Karbala, Maqam-e-Shaheed aur ShahadatMohurrum 2009SeminarActivePublic0Takreem-e-Shohada Conference -Barsi Shaheed Rah-e-Inqilab Mujahid Islam Shaheed Muzafar Ali Kirmani
267.Karbala Maidan e TaqwaAkhlaq-e-IslamiMohurrum 2009MajalisActivePublic0Majalis on 9th Mohurrum afternoon
268.Amr Bil Maroof Nizam Islah UmmatHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2009, MajalisActivePublic0The True essence and theory of Amr Bil Maroof can only be derived from Karbala, and once adopted Amr Bil Maroof does not just remains an individual interference into affairs of others but becomes a means and engine for reformation of Ummah.
269.Maqsad-e-Imam Hussain (as)Hamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2009MajalisحسینActivePublic0AShoora morning majalis
270.Mafhoom-e-Labbaik Ya HussainHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2009, Seminar, Hamas Hizbullah Iraq Wilayat Rahber ActivePublic0Labbaik Ya Hussain Ke Amalo Taqaaze aur Asr-e-Hazir mein Labbaik Ya Hassain Ka Misdaaq
271.Ummat Ke Uroojo Zawal me Mukhtalif Tabaqat ka Kirdar - 4Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan, Mohurrum 2009, Majalis, ActivePublic0Continuation of Topic Ummat kay urooj w zawal ma Mukhtalif Tabqat ka Kirdar - Tabaqa e Sufaha (Group of foolish people in Society)
272.Nizam-e-IslahAkhlaq-e-Islami, Mohurrum 2009, Majalis, ActivePublic04 Days Majalis New Rizvia (Karachi)
273.Yawm-e-Hussain 2009Hamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2009SeminarActivePublic0Karachi University Annual Yom-e-Hussain
274.Ummat Kay Uroojo Zawal me Mukhtalif Tabaqaat ka Kirdaar - 3 (Maslehat Pasand Tabqa)Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan, Mohurrum 2009, Majalis, ActivePublic0Continuation of Topic
(Maslihat Pasand Tabqa)
275.Karbala Haq wa Baatil me Judai Ka RaastaHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2009, MajalisActivePublic0A series of Majalis on those principles acquired from Karbala which teach us how to differentiate between Truth and Falsehood. Using Karbala as a guage which can identify truth, falsehood and truth adulterated with falsehood.
276.Maqam-e-ShaheedMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat, Mohurrum 2009, Majalis, شہیدActivePublic0Soyem Shohada-e-Quetta
277.Rah-e-ShaheedMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat, Mohurrum 2009, Majalis, شہیدActivePublic0Majlis e Soyem Shaheed Saqlain Naqvi (Sibbi) Quetta
278.La Deeniyat ka Muqabla bazariye HussainiatAsr Shanasi, Mohurram 2008, Majalis, Secularism LiberalismActivePublic0Lectures exposing the conspiracies of Secularism and Liberalism
279.Imam Khomeini aur Jahan e IslamAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)UnknownDarsInactiveMember0
280.Ummat Ke Uroojo Zawal me Mukhtalif Tabaqat ka Kirdaar- 5 (Tabqa Muthajjareen)Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan, Mohurrum 2009, Majalis, ActivePublic0Continuation of Topic from 6th Lectures in Dina
281.Majlis-e-Takreem W Tazeem-e-Shuda-e-NigeriaMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat1437 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Takreem W Tazeem-e-Shuda-e-Nigeria Held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa, Lahore
282.Yom-e-Qarardad-e-PakistanAsr Shanasi1437 OthersSeminarActivePublic0Yom-e-Qarardad-e-Pakistan Held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
283.Tafseer-e-Khutba-e-Fatimiyya-1437Falsafa e Deen-, MajalisActivePublic0
284.Tafseer-e-Khutba-e-FatimiyyaFalsafa e Deen-, MajalisActivePublic0
285.Tareekh-e-Inqilab-e-Islami or Irani Intekhabat ki Mojuda Surat-e-HallAsr Shanasi-, , Inqilab-e-IslamiDarsActivePublic0Political Analysis of Irani Election Held at Jamia Orwatul Wusaqa
286.Barsi-e-Saniha-e-PeshawarMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat1437 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Barsi-e-Shuda-e-Saniha-e-Peshawar held at Peshawar
287.Mehdwiyat Kay AbjadInqilab-e-IslamiInqilab-e-IslamiDarsActivePublic0Jashan-e-Inqilab-e-Islami held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
288.Iftitah Markaz-e-Taleem ul QuranMaarif-e-Islami1437 OthersDarsActivePublic0Iftitah Markaz-e-Taleem ul Quran at Iqbal Town Lahore
289.Hafta-e-Wahdat Dar Jamia Orwatul WusqaSeerat ShanasiHafta-e-Wahdat, -, LecturesActivePublic0Diffrent Makatif Fikr Ulma Participat in Hafta-e-Wahdat at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
290.Tazyati Majlis Nafs-e-Zakya Shaheed Sheikh NimarMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat1437 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Tazyati Majlis w Takreem Nafs-e-Zakya Shaheed Ayatullah Nimar Baqir al Nimar (R.A) Held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
291.Seerat-e-Muhafiz-e-KarbalaSeerat Shanasi, Mohurram 2006, Majalis, Seminar, ActivePublic05-Day Majalis
292.Musallas e Khatmiyat Khatam ul Ambiya Khatam ul Adian Khatam ul UmamSeerat ShanasiHafta-e-Wahdat, -, LecturesActivePublic0Hafta-e-Wahdat wa Jashan-e-Sadqeen A.S Held at Multiple Locations
293.Barsi Shaheed Imam Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr (ra) - 1437Seerat ShanasiBarsiMajalisActivePublic036th Martyrdom Anniversary Program of Shaheed Baqir-ul-Sadr held at Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamia Orwatul-Wuthqa
294.Question Answer Session with Jamia Deen ul Qayyim StudentsMaarif-e-Islami1437 OthersLecturesActivePublic0Live Question Answer Session with Virtual University Jamia Deen ul Qayyim Students
295.Hikmat-e-Razavi Burai kay Zarya Maal Kaisy Jama Hota hayMaarif-e-IslamiMoharram 1437MajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Shadat-e-Imam Raza (a.s) Held at Wapda Colony Lahore
296.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 88Maarif-e-IslamiMoharram 1437MajalisActivePublic0Hikmat-e-Ali A.S Majlis held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
297.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 87Maarif-e-IslamiMoharram 1437MajalisActivePublic0Hikmat Ali A.S 87 - Majlis-e-Chelum Mother of Brother Rizwan Abidi
298.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 86Maarif-e-IslamiMoharram 1437MajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Barsi Marhom Held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
299.Shaheed Muzaffar Kirmani barsi majalisMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat, Shaksiyat ShanasiUnknownMajalisInactiveMember0
300.Shaheed HussainiShaksiyat ShanasiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0A seminar on Shaheed Hussaini R.A
301.Shahadat-e-Imam Sajjad a.sImamat UmmatMohurram 2006, Majalis, ActivePublic02006
302.Falsafa-e-IbadatFalsafa-e-IbadatMohurrum 2007, Seminar, ActivePublic0
303.Majlis-e-Shadat-e-Shaheed NimarMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat1437 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Shahadat-e-Shaheed Nimar Held at Amroha Society Karachi
304.Shanakht-e-Hoviyat-e-TashayyoShaksiyat ShanasiBarsiSeminarActivePublic0Barsi Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif Hussaini R.A held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
305.Ulama se KhitaabAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Asr Shanasi, Tarbiyat-e-IslamiUnknownSeminar, DarsInactiveMember0
306.Tauheen-e-RisalatAsr Shanasi, Wilayat, Akhlaq-e-IslamiMohurram 2006, Majalis, SeminarActivePublic0
307.Tashaiyo Ke Taqaze aur ZimmedarianAsr Shanasi, Tarbiyat-e-Islami, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanMohurram 2006SeminarActiveMember0One day Seminar.
308.Tarbiate NaujawanTarbiyat-e-IslamiUnknownSeminar, DarsInactiveMember0Pakistan countrywide
309.Tafseer-e-Ziarate AshuraHamasa-e-Karbala, Manshoor-e-Imamat, Sharh-e-Dua o MunajaatMohurram 2006, MajalisActivePublic0Majalis 2006
310.Tafseer-e-Khutba-e-Imam Sajjad (as)Imamat UmmatMohurrum 2005, Majalis, SeminarActivePublic05-Day Majalis
311.Tafriqa - Meeras-e-YazidiyatAsr Shanasi, Wahdat-e-IslamiMohurram 2008, SeminarActivePublic0Discussing Tafriqa as a Strategy of the Enemies of Islam to divide the Muslim Ummah - The Ways to Achieve Wahdat (Unity) - The Manshoor (Charter) of Wahdat
312.SuqootAsr Shanasi, Tarbiyat-e-Islami, Imamat UmmatUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0
313.Speech in Arafah - Hajj 1427 Hijri Falsafa-e-IbadatHajj 2006SermonInactiveMember0Speech Hajj 1427, Year 2006
314.Opening Ceremony of Sadaat ColonyTableegh-e-Deen1437 OthersLecturesActivePublic0Opening Ceremony held at Sadaat Colony, Chandraye Road near Jamia Orwatul Wusaqa Lahore
315.Speech in Arafah - Hajj 1428 HijriFalsafa e Deen, Falsafa-e-IbadatHajj 2007, Dars, Sermon, ActivePublic0Speech in Arafah
316.Jashan-e-KausarMaarif-e-Islami1437 OthersDarsActivePublic0Janshan-e-Wiladat-e-Janab-e-Fatima Zehra S.A held at Jamia Ummul Kitab Lahore
317.Urdagan sa Sultan tak ka SafarAsr Shanasi1437 OthersSeminarActivePublic0Political Analysis of Current Situation of World Specially Turkey held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
318.Eid-ul-Fitar 2016Aamal wa Ibadat1437 OthersSermonActivePublic0Khutba-e- Eid ul Fitar at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
319.Sunan-e-Ilahi Dar Quran - 3Maarif-e-Islami1437 OthersLecturesActivePublic0Ongoing Lectures being held during the Holy Month of Ramadan 1437
320.27th Barsi-e-Imam Khomeini (R.A) Seerat ShanasiBarsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, ., , BarsiDarsActivePublic0Barsi-e-Imam Khomeini (R.A) Held at Different Places
321.Haqiqi Intizar or Haqiqi Muntazareen-e-Akhir uz Zaman a.sMaarif-e-Islami1437 OthersDarsActivePublic0Held at Different Places in Lahore
322.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 89Maarif-e-Islami1437 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Held at Lahore
323.Pasdari Deen Ulama ka Asal FarizaSeerat Shanasi1437 OthersDarsActivePublic0Jashan-e-Wiladat Ba Sadaat-e-Imam Hussain a.s Held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
324.Falsafa e Bethat - Beathat e Anbiya se Beathat Ummat TakFalsafa-e-Bethat1437 OthersDarsActivePublic0Held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
325.Jashan-e-Molud-e-Kaaba (as) and 6th Anniversary of Jamia Orwatul-WuthqaSeerat Shanasi-, , Jashan-e-Wiladat-e-Imam Ali (as)ProgramActivePublic0Jashan-e-Molud-e-Kaaba (as) and 6th Anniversary of Jamia Orwatul-Wuthqa
326.Seerate Imam RazaSeerat ShanasiUnknownMajalis, SeminarInactiveMember02005
327.Speech in Mina - Hajj 1427 HijriAsr Shanasi, Falsafa-e-IbadatHajj 2006SermonInactiveMember0
328.Inqilab-e-Islami Infijar-e-NoorInqilab-e-IslamiMohurrum 2007Majalis, SeminarActivePublic0
329.Karbala ek haqiqate MukarrarHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurram 2008MajalisInactiveMember02008
330.JihadAqaed-e-Islami, 2000 Lectures, Seminar, ActivePublic03-Day Seminar held in Karachi
331.Istiqimat Paigham e KarbalaHamasa-e-KarbalaUnknownMajalis, SeminarInactiveMember02008
332.Islami Aqdar Ke Ahya Mein Naujawan Ka KirdarTarbiyat-e-Islami, Mohurrum 2007, Seminar, ActivePublic09-Day Seminar
333.Islame Naab aur Islame AmericiAsr Shanasi, Islam ShanasiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0A seminar describing the difference between real (pure) Islam and the American/Western Interpretation of Islam.
334.Islam me Jang aur SulhaIslam ShanasiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember02005
335.Islam Imam Khomeini (ra) Ki Nazar MeinAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Islam Shanasi2000 Lectures, SeminarActivePublic0A One-Day Seminar held in two sessions. It starts with Telephonic Message from Ayatollah Jawadi Amoli (ha)
336.Insaan Az Nazre QuranInsaan Shanasi, Quran ShanasiUnknownMajalis, SeminarInactiveMember02006
337.Inqilab-e-Islami Sarchashma-e-WahdatInqilab-e-Islami, Wahdat-e-IslamiMohurram 2008SeminarActivePublic04-Day Seminar held at Catholic Ground, Karachi
338.Seerate NabawiSeerat ShanasiUnknownMajalis, SeminarInactiveMember02004
339.Inquilabe Islami Karbala ke Aaine MeHamasa-e-Karbala, Inquilab-e-IslamiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember02007: Seminars
340.Khwateen ki TarbiyatTarbiyat-e-IslamiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0Seminar in Karachi
341.Inquilabe Islami Az Nazre Imam KhomeiniAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Inquilab-e-IslamiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember02003: Seminar
342.Inquilabe Islami aur AshooraInquilab-e-IslamiUnknownMajalisInactiveMember02007
343.Imam Khomeini aur Wazifa e UlamaAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)UnknownSeminarInactiveMember02007: Seminar
344.Hussain Warise AmbiyaHamasa-e-KarbalaUnknownMajalisInactiveMember02002: Majalis
345.Huqooq e KhawateenIslam me Aurat ka MaqaamUnknownSeminarInactiveMember02008: Seminar
346.Hezbollah Ki Moqawamat Ke Aalami AsraatAsr ShanasiRamazan 2006, SeminarActivePublic04-Day Seminar explaining the Global Effects of Hezbollah's Resistance and Victory against Israel in the July 2006 War
347.Hai Haat Minna ZillaHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2007MajalisInactiveMember02007: Ashura
348.Falsafa-e-Tehreek-e-KarbalaHamasa-e-Karbala, Maarif-e-Islami2001 (Seminars)SeminarActivePublic03-Day Seminar
349.Gham-e-Hussain (as)Hamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 2011-12MajalisActivePublic03-Day Majalis held in Safar 1433
350.Inquilabe Islami ki SalgirahInquilab-e-IslamiUnknownProgramInactiveMember02008
351.Falsafa-e-MawtAqaed-e-Islami, Mohurram 2006, Majalis, ActivePublic0Philosophy of Death
352.Seerat-e-Imam Hassan (as)Seerat Shanasi2004, Ramadan 2004, SeminarActivePublic0One-Day Seminar held in Bhojani Hall, Karachi
353.Seerat Shanasi - Shahadat Hazrate Fatima S.ASeerat ShanasiUnknownMajalis, Seminar, ProgramInactiveMember02007
354.Seerat Shanasi - Imam SadiqSeerat ShanasiUnknownSeminar, Dars, ProgramInactiveMember02007: On the Seerat of Imam Jaffer Sadiq A.S
355.Qurbat e KhudaMaarif-e-Islami, Tableegh-e-Deen, Islam ShanasiUnknownMajalisInactiveMember02003: Karachi
356.Payame WilayatWilayatUnknownSeminarInactiveMember02006 - Karachi(Seminar)
357.Nikal Kar Khankao Se Ada Kar Rasm-e-ShabbiriAsr ShanasiMohurram 2006Seminar, ActivePublic02006: Wah Cant.
358.Nasiran Wa Nasooran Dar Hukumat-e-AliWilayat, Imamat UmmatRamazan 2007, DarsActivePublic0A MUST LISTEN Series of Lectures in which the Speaker analysis the 6 Groups of People involved with Imam Ali (as) during the reign of his Government.
359.Baraat Az MushrikeenAsr Shanasi, Wilayat, Falsafa-e-IbadatHajj 2007SermonActivePublic0Lecture in Arafah related to disassociation with infidels.
360.Speech in MinaAsr Shanasi, Wilayat, Falsafa-e-IbadatHajj 2007SermonActivePublic0Speech delivered in Mina. An exposition on the message of Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei (Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution)
361.Karbala ke Qurani UsoolHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurrum 2007, MajalisActivePublic0Ashra-e-Muharram Majalis: 2007
362.MoqawamatAsr Shanasi, Maarif-e-Islami, Tarbiyat-e-IslamiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0Seminar 2006
363.Karbala Meezan e IlahiHamasa-e-KarbalaMohurram 2008MajalisInactiveMember02008
364.Maujooda Daur me Shiat ki Mushkilaat aur unka HalAsr ShanasiUnknownMajalisInactiveMember0
365.Markaziat Falah Ka Wahid RaastaAsr Shanasi, Wahdat-e-Islami, Ummat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0Seminars: Quetta
366.Maqsade HajjFalsafa-e-IbadatHajj 2007DarsInactiveMember0Hajj 2007, Lecture delivered to Kenyans Hujjaj
367.Maqsade AzadariHamasa-e-KarbalaUnknownMajalisInactiveMember0
368.Maqaam e ShohadaMaqam-e-Shaheed aur ShahadatUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0
369.Manshoor-e-ImamatManshoor-e-Imamat, Mohurrum 2007, Majalis, ActivePublic0The Manifesto of Imamat
370.Maarifat e ImamWilayat, Seerat Shanasi, Maarif-e-IslamiUnknownSeminarInactiveMember0
371.Kullo Yawmin Ashura Kullo Arzin KarbalaHamasa-e-Karbala, Tarbiyat-e-IslamiMohurrum 2005, SeminarActivePublic05-Day Seminar
372.Kirdare AshuraiHamasa-e-Karbala, Seerat Shanasi, Akhlaq-e-IslamiMohurrum 2005MajalisInactiveMember0
373.Falsafa-e-Imamat Wa Takamul-e-InsanManshoor-e-Imamat, Aqaed-e-Islami, Year 1999 Lectures, Seminar, Imamat, Imam, Infallible, Masoomeen, MasoomActivePublic0Falsafa e Imamat Wa Takamul-e-Insan
374.Muqaddasat-e-IslamiMaarif-e-Islami, Maktab-e-IslamiMohurram 2006SeminarActivePublic0The Sanctities of Islam
375.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 78Maarif-e-Islami-, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.78 of Nehjul Balagha. After the Battle of Siffin, somebody asked Imam Ali whether they had been destined to fight against the Syrians. Imam Ali replied if by destiny you mean a compulsion (physical or otherwise) through which we are forced (by nature) to do a thing then it is not so. Had it been an obligation of that kind there would have been no question of reward for doing it and punishment for not doing it (when you are physically forced to do a thing, like breathing, sleeping, eating, drinking etc. then there can be no reward for doing it and no retribution for not doing it. In such cases nature forces you to do a thing and you cannot but do it), then the promised blessings and punishments in life after death will have no meaning. The Merciful Lord has given his creatures (human beings) complete freedom to do as they like, and then prohibited them from certain actions and warned them of the consequences of such actions (His Wrath and His Punishments). These orders of Allah carry in them the least trouble and lead us towards the most convenient ways of life and the rewards which He has promised for good deeds are many times more than the actions actually deserve. He sees people disobeying Him and tolerates them not because He can be overruled or be compelled to accept human supremacy over Him. He did not send His prophets to amuse Himself or provide amuse- ment for them. He did not reveal His orders without any genuine reason nor has He created the galaxies and the earth without any purpose. The Universe without plan, purpose and program is the idea of infidels and the pagans, sorry will be their plight in the leaping fires of Hell. Hearing this the man asked Imam Ali, "Then what kind of destiny was it that we had?" Imam Ali replied: "It was an order of Allah to do it like the order He has given in His Holy Book: You are destined by Allah to worship none but Him, here 'destined' means 'ordered' it does not mean physical compulsion".
376.Roz-e-Moallim Dar Jamia Orwatul WuthqaTarbiyat-e-Islami-, , Roz-e-MoallimProgramActivePublic0
377.Fatima Zahra (sa) Uswa-e-Bedari Wa PaedariSeerat Shanasi-, Ayyam-e-Fatimiyya, ProgramActivePublic0Speech to the Congregation of Women on the Wiladat of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (sa) and the Opening Ceremony of Hawza-e-Ilmiyya Jamia Umm-ul-Kitab
378.Azadari-e-Fatamiyya 1435 AHFalsafa e Deen-, Ayyam-e-Fatimiyya, MajalisActivePublic0Daily Azadari held duriing the Fatamiyya Majalis in Jamia Orwatul Wurhqa from 1st to 5th Jamadi-us-Sani 1435 AH.
379.Barsi Shaheed Baqir Sadr (ra) - 1435-2014Shaksiyat ShanasiUnknown, SeminarActivePublic034th Martyrdom Anniversary Program of Shaheed Baqir-ul-Sadr held at Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamia Orwatul-Wuthqa
380.Tafseer-e-Khutba-e-Fatimiyya - Maarifat-e-Haq TaalaFalsafa e Deen-, Ayyam-e-Fatimiyya, MajalisActivePublic05 Day Majalis at Jamia Orwatul Wuthqa
381.Islam Mein Khawateen Ka KirdarIslam me Aurat ka Maqaam2004, SeminarActivePublic05-Day Seminar discussing the Role (Kirdar) of Women in Islam
382.Gham-e-Zahra Be Zaban-e-Zahra (sa)Falsafa e Deen-, Ayyam-e-Fatimiyya, MajalisActivePublic0
383.Pakistan Arab Salateen Ka Naya ZanzibarAsr ShanasiUnknown, SeminarActivePublic0Speech on the Occasion of Pakistan Day - discussing the Importance of 23rd March as a ''Day of Hope'' to combat the current problems faced by the Pakistani Nation today.
384.Lashkar-e-Wahshat aur Doctrine-e-DahshatAsr Shanasi-, SeminarActivePublic0Analysis on the current political developments in Pakistan and Middle East.
385.Maqsad-e-Mawt-o-HayatMaarif-e-Islami., MajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Aza held at Different Place
386.Karkunan Sey Khitab - Jashan-e-Melad Noor-e-Bedari wa Qutb-e-PaedariWilayat-, , Jashan-e-Wiladat-e-Imam Ali (as)ProgramActivePublic0
387.Pakistan Main Ahmakana Strategy Key NataijAsr Shanasi-, LecturesActivePublic0
388.Baqa-e-Inqilab Dar InqilabiyatInqilab-e-Islami-, , Inqilab-e-IslamiSeminarActivePublic0Discussing the Meaning of the word ''Inqilab'' and differentiating it from 'Shoorish', 'Hartaal' and so on. Also discussing the Problems faced by the Revolution (Inqilab) after it's Victory & the Role of the Penetrative Elements (Nufuzi) at this stage.
389.Imam Khomeini (ra) Ki Nazar Mein Aalam-e-IslamAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)., SeminarActivePublic0Two-Session Seminar discussing Jahaan-e-Islam in the View of Imam Khomeini (ra) - Also discussing the Problems faced by it like Waabastagi, Ghulami...
390.Inqilab-e-Islami Key Mutaliq Islam Ka TaqazaInqilab-e-Islami-, , Inqilab-e-IslamiSeminarActivePublic0
391.Documentary - Nahzat-e-Imam Khomeini (ra) - Series 1Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Asr Shanasi, Maktab-e-Islami-, , Inqilab-e-IslamiDocumentaryActivePublic0Series 1 discusses that a Religious Movement is always faced by few big obstacles, one of those obstacles is in the form of a Party System or Tanzeem. Imam Khomeini (ra) did not make a Party, but instead he led a Movement (Tehreek).
392.Jamia Orwahtul Wuthqa - Shajara-e-Tayyiba Tarbiyat-e-IslamiRabiulAwal 2014, SeminarActivePublic0Speech on the occasion of Islamic Seminary Day at Jamia Orwahtul Wuthqa.
393.Inqilab-e-Nabavi Wa Inqilab-e-AqabiFalsafa-e-BethatRabiulAwal 2014, MajalisActivePublic0
394.Wahdat-e-Ummat Arzo-e-Payamber (SAWW)Wahdat-e-IslamiRabiulAwal 2014, MajalisActivePublic0Majlis at Hala Sindh.
395.Ahya-e-Deen Main Masjid Ka MaqamImamat Ummat-, SeminarActivePublic0Speech to the gathering of Aimma-e-Jum'aa Wa Jama'at at Jamia Orwatul Wuthqa.
396.Sahyuni Rayasat Say Takferi Rayasat TakAsr Shanasi-, , Ramazan 1435-2014SeminarActivePublic0Very important lecture on the current situation in GAZA and IRAQ.
397.Dua-e-KumailAamal wa Ibadat2013 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Dua-e-Kumail at Jamia Orwahtul Wuthqa.
398.Mehfil-e-Dua baray-e-Sehat-e-Kamila Rehbar-e-MoazzamAamal wa Ibadat., ProgramActivePublic0
399.Nizam-e-ImamatImamat Ummat-, SeminarActivePublic0A very important lecture to the sisters of jamia Ummul Kitab on the birthday anniversary of ٰImam Ali ibn-e-Musa Al Raza AS.
400.Nizam-e-Imamat aur Aqlaniyat ki Das AlamaatImamat Ummat., SeminarActivePublic0Lecture on the Jashan-e-Wiladat of Imam Ali ibn-e-Musa Al Raza AS.
401.Seerat-e-Imam Reza (as)Seerat Shanasi2004, LecturesInactivePublic0Program held on the Wiladat of Imam Reza (as)
402.Misali Mamlikat main Ashoob aur Napaedari kay Asbab Az Nazar-e-QuranAsr ShanasiIndependence DaySeminarActivePublic0
403.Islam Ki Nigah Main Qayadat Aur Rahbari ka Maiyar Aur TasawwurMaktab-e-Islami, Imamat UmmatUnknown, SeminarActivePublic0Discussing the Thought of Rahbari (Leadership) in the View of Islam; Rahbari - The First need of Insan; the only Job of a Rahber is to Guide (Hidayah) Insan; What forms of Rahbari do we find in our Society today - Islamic or Non-Islamic?
404.Inauguration Ceremony - Academic Year 2014-15 of Jamia Orwatul WuthqaTarbiyat-e-Islami-, ProgramActivePublic0
405.Jawanan Wa Taleem - Masail wa AafaatMaarif-e-Islami., SeminarActivePublic0Speech to University Students at Hawza-e-Ilmiyya Jamia Orwatul Wuthqa
406.Al Quds Hamara HayAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)-, , Ramazan 1435-2014ProtestActivePublic0Clips from the lecture "Zionist State to Takfiri State" regarding the International AlQuds Day.
407.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 79Maarif-e-Islami-, , Jashan-e-Wiladat-e-Imam Ali (as)ProgramActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.79 of Nehjul Balagha. Acquire wisdom and truth from whomever you can because even an apostate can have them but unless they are passed over to a faithful Muslim and become part of wisdom and truth that he possesses,they ..... have a confused existence in the minds of apostates.
408.Azadari-e-Imam Ali Dar Jamia Orwatul WuthqaWilayat-, , Ramazan 1435-2014MajalisActivePublic0
409.Nifaaq aur Munafiq Az Nazar-e-QuranUmmat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan-, , Ramazan 1435-2014LecturesActivePublic0Ongoing Lectures being held during the Holy Month of Ramadan-Shawwal 1435
410.Tawheed Az Nazar-e-Maktab-e-TashayyoMaarif-e-Islami, Maktab-e-Islami, Aqaed-e-Islami-, SeminarActivePublic0
411.Majlis-e-Tarheem - Syed Muhammad Haider RizviMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat., MajalisActivePublic0
412.Nazriya-e-Suda aur us key Halakat Khaiz NataijFalsafa -e- IntezarShaban Programs, SeminarActivePublic0'Sudaa' - When someone is left on his own state (Haal) - Today the Muslim Ummah, especially the Pakistani & Iraqi Muslims, have been left alone on their own state by Allah.What is the reason? Why has the situation of Iraq suddenly deteriorated?
413.Meeras-e-Imam Khomeini (ra) Meeras-e-Rasool Allah (saww)Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, ., , BarsiSeminarActivePublic0Before the death of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), he stated Hadith-e-Thaqlayn and told the Ummah not to leave the Quran & Etrah; Then again, we see that Imam Khomeini (ra) starts his Wasiyyat with Hadith-e-Thaqlayn....What is the secret behind this?
414.Shia kay liye Manshoor-e-Zindagi - Hazrat Imam Sadiq (as)Asr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan., MajalisActivePublic0Constitution for Shia by Hazrat Imam Sadiq (as).
415.Jashan-e-Melad Noor-e-Bedari wa Qutb-e-PaedariWilayat-, , Jashan-e-Wiladat-e-Imam Ali (as)ProgramActivePublic0Jashan Melad Molud-e-Kaaba, Noor-e-Bedari wa Qutb-e-Paedari and 4th Anniversary of Jamia Orwatul Wuthqa
416.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 106Maarif-e-IslamiSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.106 of Nehjul Balagha."There are many educated people who have ruined their future on account of their ignorance of religion. Their knowledge did not prove of any avail to them."
417.Al Quds Day 2014Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)-, , Ramazan 1435-2014ProtestActivePublic0
418.Deen-e-MobeenMaarif-e-Islami, Tableegh-e-Deen-, , Mohrm 1435-2013MajalisActivePublic0Deen-e-Mubeen - A Religion (Islam), the path of which is Straight, Bright & Shining but is unfortunately afflicted with the Path of Confusion - Lectures held at Faisal Town from 1st-9th Muharram 1435
419.Hidayat-e-Quran-o-Etrat Zariya-e-NijatMaarif-e-IslamiRabiulAwal 2014, MajalisActivePublic0Majlis at Naseerpur Sindh.
420.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 62Maarif-e-Islami-, , Mohrm 1435-2013MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 62 of Nehjul Balagha.
421.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 60Maarif-e-IslamiMohrm 1435-2013MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 60 of Nehjul Balagha.
422.Azadari Tahreek-e-ZainabiHamasa-e-Karbala-, , Mohrm 1435-2013SeminarActivePublic0
423.Kufa Aur KufiHamasa-e-Karbala-, Moharram 1435-2013, MajalisActivePublic0Discussing Kufa & it's History, discussing the various groups of people who migrated to Kufa - The Qualities of a Kufi & Kufic conditions - Also Discussing the Reasons behind the Uprising of Movements to Avenge (Intiqam) the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as)
424.Deeni Khatoon Aur Magribri Khatoon main FarqIslam me Aurat ka Maqaam-, , Mohrm 1435-2013DarsActivePublic0Khawateen se Khitab
425.Dushman Kay Saath Muqabley Kay Qurani UsoolMaarif-e-Islami-, Mohrm 1435-2013, MajalisActivePublic05-Day Majalis from 11th-15th Muharram 1435-2013
426.Zimmedari-e-Ummat Baad Az Rehlat-e-Rasool (as)Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan, Paigambar-e-Aazam2012 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Majlis held on the Day of Martyrdom of Prophet Mohammed (as) & Imam Hassan (as) - 28th Safar 1433
427.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 63Maarif-e-Islami-, , Mohrm 1435-2013MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 63 of Nehjul Balagha.
428.Maktab-e-Ashura Ki Nigah Mein Nafrat Angez Nazariye Aur RaasteHamasa-e-Karbala-, Moharram 1435-2013, MajalisActivePublic0
429.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 65Maarif-e-Islami-, , Mohrm 1435-2013MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 65 of Nehjul Balagha.
430.Nizam-e-Wilayat: Muntazir-e-Mubaligh-e-WilayatWilayat2013 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Speech on the day of Eid-e-Ghadeer.
431.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 59Maarif-e-Islami2013 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 59 of Nehjul Balagha.
432.Dua-e-ArafaAamal wa Ibadat2013 OthersProgramActivePublic0
433.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 58Maarif-e-Islami2013 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 58 of Nehjul Balagha.
434.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 57 Qanaat Azeem Sarmaya-e-InsanMaarif-e-Islami2013 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 57 of Nehjul Balagha.
435.Intehal Be TashayyoMaarif-e-Islami2013 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Who is the real Shia as per teachings of Aimma-e-Tahereen(as)? Majlis on the day of Shahadat of Imam Muhammad Baqir (as)
436.Asraar-e-Hajj - 2Falsafa-e-IbadatYear 1999 Lectures, ProgramActivePublic0Single Lecture briefly explaining the Secrets of Hajj
437.Ahya-e-Deen-e-Naab Wa Wilayat Fariza-e-ImamatImamat Ummat2013 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Discussing the Role of Bani Umayyah in eradicating Islam & the Role of Imam Baqir (as) in reviving the Pure Islam (Islam-e-Naab)
438.Narmish-e-QahramaananehAsr Shanasi-, , Shahadat-e-Imam Jawad (A.S)LecturesActivePublic0Discussing today's Situation being faced by Leader Ayatollah Khamenei (ha) in the light of the Time of Imam Taqi (as). Iran-American Relations, ''Smile Diplomacy'' and the Historical difficulties of Nizam-e-Wilayat
439.Lecture at LUMSHamasa-e-Karbala-, , Mohrm 1435-2013SeminarActivePublic0Discussing briefly the Reasons & the Philosophy behind the Qayam (Uprising) of Imam Hussain (as) at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
440.Majlis-e-Shab-e-Chehlum 1435Hamasa-e-KarbalaSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0
441.Insan Par Rozana Nazil Honay Wali Teen MusebatainFalsafa e Deen-, MajalisActivePublic0
442.Ulama Wurasa-e-AnbiyaFalsafa-e-BethatSafar 1435, SeminarActivePublic0Speeches on the Ulama Seminars
443.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 77Maarif-e-IslamiSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.77 of Nehjul Balagha.
"O vicious world! Be away from me, why do you come in front of me like this ? Do you want to allure me ? Allah forbid that I should be allured and tempted by you and your pleasures. It is not possible..... Go and try your allurements on somebody else. I do not desire to own you and do not want to have you. I have forsaken you thrice. It is like divorcing a woman thrice after which act she cannot be taken back as a wife. The life of pleasures that you offer is of a very little duration. There is no real importance in what you offer, the desire of holding you is an insult and a humiliation to sober minds. Sad is the plight of those who want to acquire you. They do not provide for the Hereafter. They have to pass through a long journey over a very difficult road towards a sat destination."
444.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 76Maarif-e-IslamiSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.76 of Nehjul Balagha.
"If matters get mixed up then scrutinize the cause and you will know what the effects will be."
445.Khutba-e-Namaz-e-JummaAamal wa IbadatSafar 1435SermonActivePublic0Jumma Sermon at Masjid-e-Yasrab DHA.
446.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 75Maarif-e-IslamiSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.75 of Nehjul Balagha.
"Anything which can be counted is finite and will come to an end."
447.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 74Maarif-e-IslamiSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.74 of Nehjul Balagha.
"Every breath you take is a step towards death."
448.Raah-e-Khuda Main Khawateen ki SabqatIslam me Aurat ka MaqaamSafar 1435, SeminarActivePublic0
449.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 64Maarif-e-Islami-, , Mohrm 1435-2013MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 64 of Nehjul Balagha.
450.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 72Maarif-e-IslamiSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.72 of Nehjul Balagha
451.Bedari-e-Ummat main Naujawnono ka KirdarUmmat-Tabaqat aur ZimmedariyaanSafar 1435, ProgramActivePublic0
452.Azadari Ishq-e-HussainiHamasa-e-KarbalaSafar 1435MajalisActivePublic0
453.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 70Maarif-e-IslamiSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.70 of Nehjul Balagha.
454.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 71Maarif-e-IslamiSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.71 of Nehjul Balagha.
455.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 69Maarif-e-IslamiSafar 1435MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.69 of Nehjul Balagha.
456.Yawm-e-Hussain (as) - 1435Hamasa-e-KarbalaSafar 1435, ProgramActivePublic0Yawm-e-Hussain (as) Held at Dawood College, Karachi.
457.Ummat ki Imamat Faramoshi aur Karbala Main Ahya-e-ImamatHamasa-e-KarbalaSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0
458.Siasat-e-Kufi wa Imamat-e-HussainiHamasa-e-KarbalaSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0
459.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 68Maarif-e-Islami-, , Mohrm 1435-2013MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 68 of Nehjul Balagha.
460.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 66Maarif-e-Islami-, , Mohrm 1435-2013MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 66 of Nehjul Balagha.
461.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 73Maarif-e-IslamiSafar 1435, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No.73 of Nehjul Balagha.
462.Qayam-e-Imam Hussain (A.S) Ka Makki Marhalah (2)Hamasa-e-KarbalaMoharram 1437MajalisActivePublic0Ashra-e-Majalis 1437, Discussing Qyyam-e-Imam e Hussain ka Makki Marhla (Ahl-e-Basra kay nam Khat)
463.Ahya-e-Masjid w Imamat-e-MasjidImamat Ummat1437 OthersDarsActivePublic0Speech to Aima Juma wa Aima Masajid held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
464.Jashan-e-Azadi Pakistan 69Asr ShanasiIndependence DayLecturesActivePublic0A Must Listen Lectures about Independence Day of Pakistan - Program held on 14th August 2016 At Jamia Urwat-ul-Wuthqa.
465.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 90Maarif-e-Islami1437 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Aza Held at Shadara - Lahore
466.Himayat-e-Wilayat wa Difa-e-WilayatWilayatMoharram 1437LecturesActivePublic0Ashra-e-Himayat-e-Wilayat wa Difa-e-Wilayat held at Jamia Ummal Kitab
467.Seerat-e-Imam Sajjad A.SHamasa-e-KarbalaMoharram 1437MajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Aza Held at Muzufrpor Sialkot - 72 Taboot
468.Qayam-e-Imam Hussain Ka Makki Marhalla 4Hamasa-e-KarbalaMoharram 1437MajalisActivePublic0Held at Model Town F. Block Lahore
469.Qayam-e-Imam Hussain Ka Makki Marhalla 3Hamasa-e-KarbalaMoharram 1437MajalisActivePublic03 Days Majalis Held at Abbas Nagar Shadarah
470.Yazeed Ki Bayet Ka InkarHamasa-e-KarbalaMoharram 1437MajalisActivePublic0Majlis Held at Model Town
471.Ezzat-e-Tashayyu, Shakhsiyat-e-Tashayyu, Istaqlal-e-TashayyuAsr Shanasi., MajalisActivePublic0Political Analysis - Latest Developments in the Middle East and Pakistan
472.Azadari Sayyed-us-Shuhada Dar Jamia Urwah-tul-Wusqa 1437 MuharramHamasa-e-KarbalaMoharram 1437AzadariActivePublic0Azadari by Jamia Students
473.Ali (a.s) ki Serrat Shia ki MutabiatSeerat Shanasi1437 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majlis Aza Ba Silsila-e-Barsi-e-Mother of Br. Rizwan Abidi held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa
474.Jashan-e-Eid-e-MubahilaMaarif-e-Islami., LecturesActivePublic0Jashan-e-Eid-e-Mubahila held at Different Places in Lahore
475.Taqreeb-e-Saeed-e-Amama GuzariWilayatEid e Ghadeer, ProgramActivePublic01st Taqreeb-e-Amam Guzari at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore 2015
476.Eid-e-Ghadeer-2015WilayatEid e Ghadeer, LecturesActivePublic0Jashan-e-Ghadeer Held at Diffrent Places
477.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 85Maarif-e-IslamiAzadariMajalisActivePublic085. Amir al-mu'minin, peace be upon him, said: Whoever abandons saying, "I do not

know" meets his destruction.
478.Youm-e-Difa-e-PakistanAsr ShanasiIndependence DaySeminarActivePublic0Yom-e-Difa-e-Pakistan held at Jamia Urwatul Wusqa Lahore
479.Barsi Allama Mufti Jaffer HussainShaksiyat ShanasiBarsiProgramActivePublic0
480.Ehya-e-Moqam-e-Imam-e-Jamaat Wa MasjidImamat Ummat-, SeminarActivePublic0Speech to the gathering of Aimma-e-Jum'aa Wa Jama'at at Jamia Orwatul Wuthqa.
481.Jashan-e-Azadi Pakistan Asr ShanasiIndependence DayLecturesActivePublic0A Must Listen Lectures about Independence Day of Pakistan - Program held on 13th August 2015 At Jamia Urwat-ul-Wuthqa.
482.Hussain Chiragh-e-Hidayat 2Hamasa-e-KarbalaMoharram 1437MajalisActivePublic0Held at Masjid-e-Shah-e-Khurasan, Iqbal Town, Lahore
483.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 94Maarif-e-Islami1438 OthersDarsActivePublic0A series of Lectures of Hikmat Ali A.S held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa
484.Eid-ul-Fitr Khutba-2017Aamal wa Ibadat1438 OthersSermonActivePublic0A "MUST LISTEN" Khutba (Sermon) on Eid-ul-Fitr by Ustad Agha Syed Jawad Naqavi
485.Al Quds Day 2017Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)1438 OthersProtestActivePublic0Speech By Ustad e Mohtram Syed Jawad Naqavi addressing the Al-Quds Rally
486.Sunan-e-Ilahi Dar Quran - 4Maarif-e-Islami1438 OthersDarsActivePublic0Ongoing Lectures being held during the Holy Month of Ramadan 1438. In these lecture, Sunat-e-Itaat and Sunat-e-Masiyat are discussed.
487.Pairwan e Mehdwiyat Wa Dushmanan MehdwiyatFalsafa -e- Intezar1438 OthersDarsActivePublic0Jashn e Imam e Zamana(as)
Held At Markzi Imam Bargah
488.Moqam e MoallemTaleem Wa Tarbiyat1438 OthersSeminarActivePublic0Multiple Locations
Sirat talemi Education System
Hoza Ilmia Jamia Jafria
489.Melad e Bab Ul IlamSeerat ShanasiJashan-e-Wiladat-e-Imam Ali (as)ProgramActivePublic0Jashan-e-Molud-e-Kaaba (as) and 7Wuthqa
490.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 97Maarif-e-Islami1438 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Lecture held at Al-Imran Community Center, Faisal Town Lahore
491.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 96Maarif-e-Islami1438 OthersMajalisActivePublic0A series of Lectures of Hikmat Ali A.S held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa
492.Deen Baa Wilayat Deen Bay WilayatWilayatEid e Ghadeer, DarsActivePublic0Eid Ghadeer Held at Different Places
493.Opening Ceremony Bethat Tv Falsafa-e-Bethat1438 OthersDarsActivePublic0Must Listen lecture about Bethat Tv live from Studio
494.Dastar Bandi w Amama Guzari 1437Wilayat1437 OthersDarsActivePublic02nd Taqreeb-e-Amam Guzari at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore 1437
495.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 93Maarif-e-Islami1438 OthersDarsActivePublic0A series of Lectures of Hikmat Ali A.S held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa
496.Mahiyat w Haqiqat e Imamat w Asar e Imam Hassan Askari (a.s)Seerat Shanasi1438 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Aza Ba Silsila e Shadat e Imam Hasan Askari a.s Held at Jamia Orwatu Wusqa
497.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 92Maarif-e-Islami1438 OthersDarsActivePublic0Lectures held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Every Thursday Hikmat-e-Ali a.s 92
498.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 91Maarif-e-Islami1438 OthersLecturesActivePublic0Lectures Held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore Every Thursday
499.Sir-e-Karbla Az Kalam-e-IqbalHamasa-e-Karbala1438 MoharramMajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Aza 72 Taboot held at Muzafrpor Sialkot - Discussing Code of Karbla Vision of Alama Iqbal
500.Imam-e-Sajjad A.s Muhafiz-e-ImamatHamasa-e-Karbala1438 MoharramMajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Aza held at Islamabad Discussing the Role of Imam Sajjad A.s After Karbala
501.Khoshnodi-e-Khalq Masiyat-e-KhaliqHamasa-e-Karbala1438 MoharramMajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Aza held at Different Places in Lahore
502.Qayam-e-Imam Hussain a.s Ka Makki Marhla (Khawas ka Kirdar)Hamasa-e-Karbala1438 MoharramMajalisActivePublic0Ashara Majalis 1438 Held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore Discussing the Topic of Hamasa Karbla
503.Al Quds Day 2016Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)-, , Ramadan 1436-2015ProtestActivePublic0Speech By Ustad Syed Jawad Naqavi addressing the Al-Quds Rally.
504.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 95Maarif-e-Islami1438 OthersMajalisActivePublic0A series of Lectures of Hikmat Ali A.S held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa
505.Zulmaat-e-Tagutiyat aur Iqtibas-e-Noor az Misbah-ul-HudaHamasa-e-Karbala-, , Moharram 1436-2014MajalisActivePublic0Majlis on the ARBAEEN of Imam Hussain (Alayh-e-Salam)
506.Barsi-e-Shaheed Arif Hussaini (R.A)Shaksiyat ShanasiBarsiSeminarActivePublic0Program Held on 5th August 2015 - 27rd Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Arif Hussain Al-Hussaini - At Jamia Urwat-ul-Wuthqa
507.Mahsoor-e-Safey Aaedae AstamAsr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Pakistan, -, SeminarActivePublic0Majlis-e-Takreem Shohada-e-Rawalpindi, Shikarpur and Peshawar held in Jamia Urwahtul Wusqa. Ustad-e-Mohtaram explains Allama Muhammad Iqbal's Manners of survival in the siege of enemies and The ISIL's phase of vicious strategy.
508.Inqilab-e-Islami kay AbjadInqilab-e-Islami-, , Inqilab-e-IslamiSeminarActivePublic036th Jashan-e-Inqilab-e-Islami
509.Islam Harasi kay Muqabilay kay liye Islam Shanasi ka Sahih TariqaAsr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Global, -, LecturesActivePublic0Political Analysis Speech on the Latest Developments in the Middle East in the light of the Letter by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei (ha) to the Youths of Europe & North America.
510.Rasool Allah(saww) ka Sathi Bannanay Ka MeyyarImamat Ummat-, , Rabi-ul-Awal 1436SeminarActivePublic0Jashan-e-Wiladat-e-Rasool Allah (SAWW) aur Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS)
511.Seerat-ul-Nabi (Saww)Seerat Shanasi2001 (Seminars), LecturesActivePublic0Discussing the difference between Ita'at (اطاعت) & Seerat (سیرت); And Seerat-e-Nabi (saww) being the Key to the Unity (وحدت) of the Islamic Ummah
512.Maarifat-e-Fazail-e-Ahl-ul-Bait (as)WilayatRabi-ul-Awwal 1428LecturesInactivePublic0Speech on the occasion of Eid-e-Zahra (sa) held in Toronto, Canada.
513.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 81Maarif-e-Islami-, , Rabi-ul-Awal 1436MajalisActivePublic081-The worth of every man is in his attainments.
514.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 82Maarif-e-Islami., MajalisActivePublic082.I want to teach you five of those things which deserve your greatest anxiety to acquire them: Have hope only in Allah. Be afraid of nothing but sins. If you do not know a thing never feel ashamed to admit ignorance. If you do not know a thing never hesitate or feel ashamed to learn it. Acquire patience and endurance because their relation with true faith is that of a head to a body, a body is of no use without a head, similarly true faith can be of no use without attributes of resignation, endurance and patience.
515.Azadari Arbaeen-e-Sayyed-us-Shohada (as) Dar Jamia Urwah-tul-WusqaHamasa-e-Karbala-, , Moharram 1436-2014ProgramActivePublic0Azadari on the occussion of Arbaeen-e-Sayyed-us-Shohada at Jamia Urwah-tul-Wusqa
516.Iftitah Jamia JaferiaTaleem Wa TarbiyatInauguration CeremonyProgramActivePublic0The inauguration ceremony of Jamia Jaferia in Gujranwala
517.Azadari Imam-e-Sajjad (as) Dar Jamia Urwah-tul-WusqaHamasa-e-Karbala-, , Moharram 1436-2014ProgramActivePublic0Azadari and Procession of Imam-e-Sajjad (AS) at Jamia Orwahtul Wusqa
518.Falsafa-e-KarbalaFalsafa e Deen-, , Moharram 1436-2014SeminarActivePublic0Lecture at Lahore University of Management Sciences Lahore (LUMS)
519.Dunya Parasti aur us kay NataijHamasa-e-Karbala-, , Moharram 1436-2014MajalisActivePublic0
520.Azadari Sayyed-us-Shuhada Dar Jamia Urwah-tul-WusqaHamasa-e-Karbala-, , Moharram 1436-2014ProgramActivePublic0
521.Qayam-e-Imam Hussain (A.S) Ka Makki Marhalah (1)Hamasa-e-Karbala-, , Moharram 1436-2014MajalisActivePublic0Majalis of Ashra-e-Moharram 1436 Discussing Qayyam-e-Imam e Hussain a.s ka Makki Marhla (Ahle Kuffa ka nam Khat)
522.Tehreek-e-Imam Hussain (as) Az Madina Ta KarbalaHamasa-e-Karbala2004, MajalisActivePublic0Discussing the Current Yazeedi System in the World today in Light of Imam Hussain's Movement (Tehreek)
523.Ahya-e-Nizam-e-Wilayat Main Khawateen Ka KirdarWilayatEid e Ghadeer, SeminarActivePublic0Eid-e-Saeed-e-Ghadeer program at Jamia Umm-ul-Kitab
524.Ahya-e-Nizam-e-WilayatWilayatEid e Ghadeer, SeminarActivePublic0A must listen speech on the day of Eid-e-Saeed-e-Ghadeer
525.Hussain (as) - Muallim-e-Hajj-e-IbrahimiFalsafa-e-IbadatHajj 2006, ProgramActivePublic0Speech at Maidan-e-Arafa
526.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 79/80Maarif-e-Islami-, , Moharram 1436-2014MajalisActivePublic079. Acquire wisdom and truth from whomever you can because even an apostate can have them but unless they are passed over to a faithful Muslim and become part of wisdom and truth that he possesses, they have a confused existence in the minds of apostates.
80. Knowledge and wisdom are really the privilege of a faithful Muslim. If you have lost them, get them back even though you may have to get them from the apostates.
527.Jashan-e-Molud-e-Kaaba (as) and 5th Anniversary of Jamia Orwatul-WuthqaWilayat-, SeminarActivePublic0
528.Ahmeyat Wa Maqsad-e-Majalis-e-AzaHamasa-e-Karbala-, , Mohrm 1435-2013MajalisActivePublic0Explaining the importance and the Purpose of Majalis-e-Aza.
529.Sunan-e-Ilahi Dar Quran - 2Maarif-e-IslamiRamadan 1436-2015DarsActivePublic0Ongoing Lectures being held during the Holy Month of Ramadan 1436
530.Doctors aur Medical Students say KhitabFalsafa e Deen., SeminarActivePublic0
531.Fitan-e-Tahreef aur Shakhsiat-e-Imam (RA)Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, ., , BarsiSeminarActivePublic0
532.Mahdaviyat - Allah Ka Aalami NizamImamat UmmatShaban Programs, SeminarActivePublic0
533.Aalmi Nizam-e-Imamat : Wada-e-Elahi Baray SaleheenFalsafa -e- IntezarShaban ProgramsSeminarActivePublic0Speech on the eve of 15 Shaban Shab-e-Baraat and the Birth Day of Imam-e-Asr (Elah-e-Salam)
534.Mah-e-Shabaan Dalaan-e-Mah-e-RamzanFalsafa e DeenRamadan 1436-2015MajalisActivePublic0
535.Asr-e-Imamat-e-Imam Sajjad (as)Wilayat-, MajalisActivePublic0
536.Sanehah Peshawar Ehtijaj aur Rally say KhitabHamasa-e-Karbala-, ProtestActivePublic0
537.Political Analysis on Current Situation of Gilgit Baltistan Asr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Pakistan, -, SeminarActivePublic0Must Listen! Political Analysis on Gilgit Baltistan upcoming elections.
538.Eid-ul-Fitr Khutba-2015Aamal wa Ibadat-, , Eid-ul-FitrSermonActivePublic0A "MUST LISTEN" Khutba (Sermon) on Eid-ul-Fitr by Ustad Agha Syed Jawad Naqavi
539.Gulami Say Nijat ka Rasita az Kalam-e-Allama Iqbal (ra)Imamat Ummat-SeminarActivePublic0A must listen lecture on the death anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal (R.A)
540.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 84Maarif-e-Islami-, MajalisActivePublic084. Those who have come alive out of a blood-bath live longer and have more children.
541.Tawallud-e-Ummat-e-Islami aur Nabard-e-YemenAsr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Global, -, SeminarActivePublic0Political Analysis Speech discussing the War of Yemen being the next phase of the 4th World War - Saudi Arabia, the Policeman of Middle East...
542.Kausar say Takasur TakManshoor-e-Imamat., SeminarActivePublic0
543.Barsi Shaheed Imam Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr (ra) - 1436Seerat Shanasi-, , BarsiSeminarActivePublic035th Martyrdom Anniversary Program of Shaheed Baqir-ul-Sadr held at Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamia Orwatul-Wuthqa
544.Azadari-e-Fatamiyya 1436 AHFalsafa e Deen-, Ayyam-e-Fatimiyya, AzadariActivePublic0Daily Azadari held duriing the Fatamiyya Majalis in Jamia Orwatul Wurhqa from 1st to 5th Jamadi-us-Sani 1436 AH.
545.Tafseer-e-Khutba-e-Fatimiyya - Maarifat-e-Rasool Allah (saww)Falsafa e Deen-, Ayyam-e-Fatimiyya, MajalisActivePublic0
546.Ahya-e-Amr-e-AimmaImamat Ummat., SeminarActivePublic0Speech to the IO Convention in Lahore.
547.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 83Maarif-e-Islami., MajalisActivePublic0
548.Maqsad-e-Baesat-e-Anbiya - Bandagi-e-Khuda aur Tagut say DuriFalsafa-e-Bethat-, Eid-e-Bethat, SeminarActivePublic0
549.Yawm Al-Quds Rally - 28th Ramadan 1433Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan-, Ramadan 1433-2012, ProtestActivePublic0Speech at Yawm Al-Quds Rally in Lahore on 17th August 2012
550.Ilahi Intezar Aur Abaai IntezarFalsafa -e- IntezarShaban Programs, MajalisActivePublic0Lecture in Shahkot, Nankana Sahib on the 16th of Shaban 1433 A.H.
551.Deen Aur Shabeeh-e-DeenFalsafa e Deen2012 OthersSeminarActivePublic0A Series of Seminars.
552.Tehreek-e-Bedari-e-Ummat-e-Mustafa (saww)Imamat Ummat-, ProgramActivePublic0Series of Speeches at Tehreek-e-Bedari-e-Ummat-e-Mustafa (saww) Congregations being held all over Pakistan
553.Deen Wa Siyasat Az Nazar-e-Imam Jafar Sadiq (as)Imamat Ummat2012 Others, SeminarActivePublic0Second speech on the Day of Eid-e-Ghadeer.
554.9/11 - Aakhri Nabard (Armageddon) Ka AghazAsr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Global, -, LecturesActivePublic0Armageddon (The Last War) - Speech held on the 11th Anniversary of 9/11 Twin Tower attack in USA? What is the Reality of War in Syria? What is Western Salafiat and Arabic Salafiat and Origin of Alqaeda & Much More Topics Inside! Listen & Spread to all!
555.Zulm Ki Muzammat Zalim Ki HimaayatAsr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Pakistan, -LecturesActivePublic0Why, after 25 years of continuous Shia killing in Pakistan, politicians & Leaders of political parties, condemning this henious genocide on Shias? What could be the possible reasons for these sudden condemnations? Analysis speech held on 9th Sept 2012
556.Majlis-e-Tarhim - Agha Syed Ali Al-MusawiShaksiyat Shanasi2012 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Tarhim for Agha Syed Ali Al-Musawi held on 2nd September 2012 in Masjad-e-Kasmiraan, Mochigate.
557.Tehran Mein NAM Conference - Pas-e-Manzar Aur Asraat Asr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Global, -LecturesActivePublic0A Must Listen lecture on the formation of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Organization and its side effects on the world affairs with reference to the upcoming summit to be held in Tehran.
558.Tauheen-e-Muqaddasat Har Daur Ka Shaitani HarbaImamat Ummat2012 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majlis held in Thokhar Niaz Baig on day of Shahadat-e-Imam-e-Jawad (as)
559.Aalami Nehzat-e-Azadi-e-QudsAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a), Asr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan-, Ramadan 1433-2012, LecturesActivePublic0A Must Listen Lecture delivered by Ustad Syed Jawad Naqavi on 17th August 2012
560.Hajj Kargah-e-Ibrahimi wa Muharram Razmgah-e-Hussaini Ba Muqabila-e-Satan-e-HaqeeqiFalsafa-e-Ibadat2012 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Majlis and Rally in Ali Purchatta on 19th October, 2012.
561.Pak Sar Zameen Ka NizamAsr Shanasi, Hukumat-e-Islami2012 Others, LecturesActivePublic0A Must Listen Seminar on the Independence Day of Pakistan - Speech held on 14th August 2012
562.Quds - Masla-e-Haqeeqi-e-Jahan-e-IslamAsr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2004 SeminarsProgramActivePublic0Seminar held in the Year 2004
563.Shaheed Arif Hussain Al-Hussaini - Pasban-e-Khat-e-Imam (ra)Shaksiyat Shanasi2012 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Program Held on 5th August 2012 - 24th Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Arif Hussain Al-Hussaini (ra) - At Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa
564.Mashriq-e-Wusta Mein Jadeed Tareen Soorat-e-HaalAsr Shanasi2012 OthersLecturesActivePublic0Political Analysis Speech discussing the latest developments in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt & Bahrain. What will happen if the Syrian Regime wins or loses the ongoing battle? What impact will it have on Hezbollah & Iran? Speech held on 24th July 2012
565.Sunan-e-Ilahi Dar Quran - 1Maarif-e-IslamiRamadan 1433-2012DarsActivePublic0Ongoing Lectures being held during the Holy Month of Ramadan 1433
566.Fazeelat-e-Maah-e-RamadanFalsafa-e-IbadatRamadan 1433-2012MajalisActivePublic0Lecture discussing the Fazilat of the Holy Month Of Ramadan & the Position (Maqam) of a Mother - Held on the night of 1st Ramadan 1433
567.Istiqbal-e-Mah-e-RamazanFalsafa-e-IbadatShaban Programs, MajalisActivePublic0
568.Intezar Ke TaqazeyFalsafa -e- IntezarShaban ProgramsLecturesActivePublic0Lecture in Bhalwal on the 18th of Shaban 1433 A.H.
569.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 38 - Aql Azeem Sarmaya-e-InsanMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0A series of Majalis at different locations explaining the importance of WISDOM as narrated in the Hikmat No 38 of Nahjul Balagha by Imam Ali (as)
570.Eid-ul-Fitr Khutba (Sermon) Falsafa-e-Ibadat-, , Eid-ul-FitrSermonActivePublic0Khutba Eid-ul-Fitr (Sermon)
571.Zahiri Momin Aur Meyari Momin Az Nazar-e-Aimma Athar (as)Maarif-e-Islami2013 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Speech on the night of Wiladat-e-Imam Reza (as) at Jamia Orwatul Wuthqa.
572.Karbala Manshoor-e-Difa-e-HaqHamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 1434-2012ProgramActivePublic0Speech at the Islamabad Bar Council on 8th December 2012.
573.Karbala Aqedat se Haqeqat TaqHamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Majlis at Murree on 7th December 2012.
574.Ummat Waris-e-AaemaImamat Ummat-, Muharram 1434-2012ProgramActivePublic0Speech at a Prize distribution Ceremony of the book "Hussain (as) Waris-e-Anbiya"
575.Pegham-e-Karbala - Difa-e-HaqHamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 1434-2012, ProgramActivePublic0Speech at the Lahore High Court on 5th December 2012.
576.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - Haqeeqat-e-EmanMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0A series of Majalis at different locations explaining the true concept of Eman as narrated in the Hikmat No 30 of Nahjul Balagha by Imam Ali (as)
577.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - Mutafarriq Aqwal-e-ZareenMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic05-Day Series of Majalis held at Railway Colony - Interpretation of various Sayings of Imam Ali (as) from Nahjul Balagha
578.Sabaat-e-Qadam - Rah-e-NijatMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic05 Day Majalis in Quetta.
579.Asrar-e-Shab-e-AshurHamasa-e-Karbala-, MajalisActivePublic0A MUST LISTEN! Speech on the Night of 10th Muharram at Mochi Gate
580.Malal-e-Pakistan Malala wa TalibanAsr Shanasi2012 OthersLecturesActivePublic0Why has the issue of Malala overtaken the Media, the Government, different personalities? Although she was just injured! Whereas the same Taliban, who injured Malala, have killed so many Muslims in Pakistan almost everyday, why no sympathy for them?
581.Ashura Nahzat-e-Qayam Wa BedariHamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 1434-2012, MajalisActivePublic0Ashura - A Movement of Uprising & Awakening. 9-Day Lectures being held from 1st Muharram - 9th Muharram at Imambargah Qawmi Markaz
582.Mahdaviyat - Nizam-e-IlahiFalsafa -e- IntezarShaban ProgramsMajalisActivePublic0Lecture in Arifwala on the 13th of Shaban 1433 A.H.
583.Ishq-e-Mustafa (saww) Az Nazar-e-Iqbal (ra)Seerat Shanasi2012 OthersSeminarActivePublic0A MUST LISTEN! Speech on Iqbal Day - 9th November 2012
584.Azadari Aalami Tehreek-e-BedariHamasa-e-Karbala-, , Mohrm 1435-2013MajalisActivePublic0
585.Tehreek-e-Bedari-e-Ummat-e-Mustafa (saww) Ki Khad-o-Khaal Ahdaf Wa MaqasidImamat Ummat2012 Others, SeminarActivePublic0Very important lectures on the goals of Tehreek-e-baidari-e-Ummat-e-Mustafa (saww) in Islamabad and Muzafarrabad.
586.Maqsad-e-Hayat Wa Bunyadi ZimmedariyanMaarif-e-Islami2012 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Iesale-e-Sawab - 6th November 2012
587.Falsafa-e-Eid-e-Ghadeer-e-SaeedWilayat2012 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Speech on the day of Eid-e-Ghadeer.
588.Nizam-e-Wilayat - Qala-e-IslamWilayat2012 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majlis held on 2nd November 2012
589.Mehrab-o-Minbar Ke Taqaaze Aur Aimma-e-Juma|a Wa Jama|at Ka KirdarImamat Ummat2012 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Speech to the Gathering of Ulema, Aimma-e-Jumma Wa Jama'at and to the Momineen of Sheikhupura and Nankana Sahib - Held on 2nd November 2012
590.Khutba-e-Eid-ul-AdhaAamal wa Ibadat., SermonActivePublic0
591.Shahadat-e-Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S)Seerat Shanasi2012 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Majlis on the day of Shahadat-e-Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS) held in Rajoa Saddat, Chiniot 24th October 2012 .
592.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 33Maarif-e-Islami-MajalisActivePublic0Majlis at Iqbal Town Lahore on 9th Muharram.
593.Pakistan Ki Surat-e-Haal Wahdat-e-Islami Ke Tanazur MeinWahdat-e-Islami2012 OthersSeminar, ActivePublic0Lecture held on 20th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1433
594.Mahdaviyat - Islam Ka Aalami Nizam-e-Hukoomat Falsafa -e- IntezarShaban ProgramsSeminarActivePublic0(Must Listen) Lecture in Gulberg, Lahore on the 17th of Shaban 1433 A.H.
595.72 Taboot Majlis (2)Hamasa-e-Karbala2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Program held on 1st Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1433
596.Zalalat-e-Asr-e-Hazir Wa Tamassuk Be Quran-o-EtratAsr Shanasi2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Speech held on 29th Rabi-ul-Saani - 23rd March 2012
597.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - HuzoorMaarif-e-Islami2012 OthersMajalis, ActivePublic05-Day Majalis from 21st - 25th March 2012
598.Mere Dard Ko Jo Zubaa Mile.....?Asr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2012 OthersSermon, ActivePublic0A Must Listen Speech delivered By Ustad Syed Jawad Naqavi on 21st Rabi-ul-Saani 1433 - 15th March 2012
599.Pakistan Mein Shia Kushi Ke AhdafAsr Shanasi, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Analysis Speech held on the Takreem-e-Shohada-e-Gilgit Program on 7th Rabi-us-Saani 1433 at Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa
600.Marakiz-e-Deeni Ke Faraiz (2)Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan, Tableegh-e-Deen2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0The responsibilities of Religious Centers (Marakiz) & the need to teach the Thoughts (Afkar) of Imam Khomeini (ra) in order to fulfill the Requirements of our Time. Speech held in Jamia Imam Mehdi (as) on 3rd Rabi-us-Thani 1433
601.ParachinarImamat Ummat2012 OthersSeminarActivePublic0
602.Siraat Taleemi Nizam (Siraat Education System)Tarbiyat-e-Islami2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Inauguration of Siraat Taleemi Nizam held in April 2012
603.Taleem Aur Tarbiyat - Lecture to KhawateenTarbiyat-e-Islami2012 OthersDars, ActivePublic0Speech to Youth Ladies in Larkana - 21st Rabi-ul-Awwal 1433
604.Shaheed Sadr - Mudafae Maktab-e-Imam Khomeini (ra)Shaksiyat Shanasi2012 Others, ProgramActivePublic032nd Martyrdom Anniversary Program of Shaheed Baqir-ul-Sadr (8th April) held at Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa on 15th April 2012
605.Inqilab-e-Islami Ke Asraat - Tabee|ei Aur Sha|ooriInqilab-e-Islami2012 Others, SeminarActivePublic0Speech held on 11th February, the 33rd Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran
606.Inqilab-e-Islami - Itmaam-e-Hujjat-e-IlahiInqilab-e-Islami2012 OthersProgramActivePublic0Speech held in Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa on 11th February, the 33rd Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran
607.Wahdat-e-Islami Ki Bunyad - Rukawatein Aur SifaatWahdat-e-Islami2012 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Lecture on 16th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1433 - Held at Hawza-e-Ilmiyya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa
608.Majlis Shahadat Imam Askari (as)Manshoor-e-Imamat2012 OthersProgramActivePublic0Majlis on 9th Rabi-ul-Awwwal 1433
609.Aqeedat-o-Haqeeqat-e-ImamatImamat Ummat2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Speech on 9th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1433
610.Hafta-e-Wahdat Lectures - 1433-2012Wahdat-e-Islami2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Countrywide Lectures on Hafta-e-Wahdat from 11-17th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1433
611.Milad-un-Nabi (as) Aur Ummat Ki ZimmedarianUmmat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Responsibility of Ummat on the Wiladat of Prophet Muhammad (as) - Speech held in Rabi-ul-Awwal 1433
612.Yawm-e-Hussain (as) 2012Hamasa-e-Karbala2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Program held in Karachi University
613.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 30Maarif-e-IslamiUnknown, MajalisActivePublic0Series of Single-Day Lectures on Hikmat-e- Imam Ali (as) held in Bahawalpur - Rabi-ul-Awwal 1433
614.Parachinar - Alam-e-MoqawamatMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Speech held on 23rd February 2012 for the Martyrs of Parachinar who were martyred on 17th February 2012 in a Suicide Attack.
615.Seerat-e-Janab-e-Zainab (sa)Seerat Shanasi2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Majlis held on the Shahadat of Lady Zainab (sa) - Held on 16th Rajab 1433
616.Mahdaviyat - Ehya-e-DeenFalsafa -e- IntezarShaban ProgramsProgramActivePublic0Lecture on the night of 15th Shaban 1433 A.H.
617.Imamat Har Zamane Ka Ilahi NizamFalsafa -e- Intezar2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Speech to Workshop Students explaining Imamat as the Divine order of the ages.
618.Apni Salahiyaton Aur Kamzorion Se AgahiInsaan Shanasi2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Speech to Workshop Students explaining how to aware of their own power points and weaknesses.
619.Apni Talash MeinTableegh-e-Deen2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Speech to Workshop Students about the importance and goals of a Workshop (Kaargah)
620.Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa Ka Taleemi NizamTableegh-e-Deen2012 OthersProgramActivePublic0Speech to Workshop Students discussing the Education System of Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa
621.Rusoomati Hussainiyat Aur Maktabi HussainiyatHamasa-e-Karbala2012 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Speech to Workshop Students on the occasion of 3rd Shaban 1433, Wiladat of Imam Hussain (as)
622.Yawm-e-Bethat-e-Rasool-e-Khuda (saws)Falsafa-e-Bethat, Paigambar-e-A'azam2011 OthersProgramActivePublic0Speech to Workshop Students on the occasion of Yawm-e-Bethat - 27th Rajab 1433
623.Shia Aur MutshiaSeerat Shanasi2012 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Speech to Workshop Students on the Martyrdom of Imam Musa Kazim (as) - 25th Rajab 1433
624.Khoon-e-Sad Hazaar Anjum Se Hoti Hai Sahar PaidaAsr Shanasi, Maqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat, Ummat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Takreem-e-Shohada-e-Gilgit Program held at Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa on 8th April 2012
625.Afkar-e-Imam Khomeini (ra) Az Nazar-e-Allama IqbalAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)2012 OthersSeminar, ActivePublic0Speech held at Aiwan-e-Iqbal on 16th June 2012
626.Dushman Shanasi Az Nazar-e-Quran Wa AshuraHamasa-e-Karbala2012 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Recognition of the Enemy in view of Quran & Ashura. 9-Day Lectures being held from 1st Muharram - 9th Muharram at Imambargah Aal-e-Imran, Faisal Town
627.Raah-e-Imam (ra) Ki NishanianAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Speech on the 23rd Barsi of Imam Khomeini (ra) held in Nishtar Park, Karachi - 9th June 2012
628.Wiladat-e-Imam Ali (as) - 1433Wilayat2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Speech held in Gulberg on 13th Rajab 1433
629.Wiladat Imam Ali (as) And 2nd Anniversary of Jamea Urwat-ul-WuthqaWilayat2012 OthersProgram, ActivePublic0Jashn-e-Wiladat-e-Imam Ali (as) & 2nd Anniversary of Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa - Held On 3rd June 2012
630.Wiladat Imam Naqi (as)Imamat Ummat2012 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Speech on 5th Rajab 1433
631.Shahadat-e-Imam Naqi (as)Wilayat2012 OthersProgramActivePublic0Majlis on the Martyrdom of Imam Naqi (as) - held on 3rd Rajab 1433
632.Mashriq-e-Wusta Ke Liye Amreeka Ka Shaitani MansubaAsr Shanasi2012 OthersSeminarActivePublic0Political Analysis Speech held on 20th May 2012 focusing on the ongoing War between the Arrogant System & Islamic System - The Upcoming War Between.......
633.Uswa-e-Fatimi (sa) (2)Seerat Shanasi2012 OthersProgramActivePublic0Speech on the Wiladat of Hazrat Fatima (sa) - 20th Jamadi-ul-Saani 1433
634.Shaheed Mutahhari Aur Maqam-e-MuallimTarbiyat-e-Islami2012 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Speech held on Roz-e-Muallim (Teachers Day) & The Martyrdom Anniversary of Ustad Murtadha Mutahhari - 1st May 2012
635.Maqam-e-Fatima (sa) Dar Kalam-e-Fatima (sa)Wilayat2012 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Tafseer-e-Khutba-e-Fatimiyya - Five-Day Majalises from 1st-5th Jamadi-ul-Saani 1433
636.Mafhoom-e-LazzatMaarif-e-Islami2012 OthersDars, ActivePublic0An Extract from a Lecture to Students at Hawza-e-Ilmiya Jamea Urwat-ul-Wuthqa held in May 2012
637.Taleem Aur TarbiyatTaleem Wa Tarbiyat-, LecturesActivePublic0Speeches at different locations explaining the importance of education and upbringing.
638.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 51Maarif-e-Islami-, MajalisActivePublic0Explaination of the Hikmat No. 51 of Nehj-ul-Balagha.
639.Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a)Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, SeminarActivePublic0Barsi Imam Khomeni (ra), at Islamabad
640.Raah-e-Imam (ra) Nijat-e-PakistanAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)2013 Others, ProgramActivePublic024th Barsi of Imam Khomeini (ra) - Discussing the Naqsha-e-Raah (Roadmap) of Imam Khomeini (ra), it's Principles & Pillars
641.Jashan-e-Molud-e-Kaaba (as) and 3rd Anniversary of Jamia Orwatul-WuthqaWilayat2013 Others, LecturesActivePublic0Discussing the Virtues of Imam Ali (as), Tafseer of the term Orwat-ul-Wuthqa used in the Holy Quran. Also discussing the threat to Iran caused by the current situation in Syria & Pakistan
642.Jashan-e-Molud-e-Kaba (as)Wilayat-, ProgramActivePublic0
643.Imamat Wa UmmatImamat UmmatYear 1999 Lectures, SeminarActivePublic015-Day Seminar discussing the concept of Imamat & Ummat, the obstcales (Qaumiyyat, Tanzeem...) created against an Ummat to form itself
644.Political Analysis - Latest Developments in Pakistan and Middle EastAsr ShanasiPolitical Analysis - Global, -, LecturesActivePublic0Discussion on the aftermath of Pakistan Elections, the upcoming Presidential Elections in Iran and the plots hatched by the Enemies and briefly discussing the situation in Syria.
645.Nizam-e-WilayatWilayat2012 OthersMajalisActivePublic0Majlis held on 7th November 2012
646.Bethat-e-Rasool-e-Khuda(saww) se Bethat-e-Ummat TakFalsafa e Deen-ProgramActivePublic0
647.Baseerat-e-Deeni Muqaddima-e-Raah-e-NijatImamat Ummat-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Majlis at Rawalpindi on 9th December 2012
648.Majlis-e-Tarhim wa Tazeem - Malik Shabeer AwanShaksiyat Shanasi2013 Others, MajalisActivePublic0
649.Sarmashq-e-Fatimi (sa)Seerat Shanasi-, Ayam-e-FatmiaMajalisActivePublic0
650.Elahi Nizam Aur Shatani Siasat Az Nazar-e-Allama Iqbal (ra)Imamat Ummat-LecturesActivePublic0A must listen lecture on the death anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal (R.A), explaining the Reality of Democracy (Satanic System) and need of Imamat (Elahi System) - Held at Hawza-e-Ilmiyya Jamia Orwat-ul-Wuthqa - 21st April 2013
651.Azadari Tasalsul-e-Razm-e-KarbalaHamasa-e-Karbala-, MajalisActivePublic0Speech to the organizers of majalis-e-Aza at Kallar Kahar.
652.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 54Maarif-e-Islami-MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 54 of Nehjul Balagha.
653.Qayam-e-Fatimi Hamasa-e-FatmiyyaWilayat-, MajalisActivePublic0Discussing the Uprising of Bibi Fatima (sa) & the Epic (Hamasa) which she created and which serves as a Role Model
654.Hazrat Zahra (sa) Muhafiz-e-WilayatSeerat ShanasiMohurrum 2005, SeminarActivePublic0
655.Barsi Shaheed Imam Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr (ra)Shaksiyat Shanasi-SeminarActivePublic0
656.Nizam-e-Wilayat - Haqiqat-e-Fadak Wilayat-, Ayam-e-FatmiaMajalisActivePublic0
657.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 52Maarif-e-Islami-MajalisActivePublic0Explaination of the Hikmat No. 52 of Nehj-ul-Balagha
658.Ahya-e-Amr-e-Wilayat Aur Hikmat-e-Ayyam-UllahWilayat-, Ayam-e-FatmiaMajalisActivePublic0Majalis at different locations of Lahore explaining the significance of Islamic Days and Months and the reality behind their sequence.
659.Nizam-e-Hukumat-e-Elahi Dar QuranHukumat-e-Islami-, Ramazan 1434-2013, DarsActivePublic0Ongoing Lectures being held during the Holy Month of Ramadan-Shawwal 1434-2013 at Jamia Orwahtul Wuthqa.
660.Ilm-e-Falsafa - Zaroorat - Ahmeeyat aur HaqiqatMaarif-e-Islami2013 Others, SeminarActivePublic0A very interesting and knowledgeable discussion on the introduction of Philosophy as Mother of all the sciences.
661.Sham Mein Gharbi, Arbi aur Ebri Mahaz BaMuqabila Islami MoqawamatAsr Shanasi2013 Others, LecturesActivePublic0Analysis Speech (Syria)- On the one side, what is the interest of Western States in Syria? What is the Role of the Arabs & Zionists? On the other side, why is Russia & China supporting Syria? What is Iran & Hezbollah's role? Is this the War of Armageddon?
662.Nazriati Riyasat key TakazeyAsr Shanasi-, 2013 Others, , Shahadat-e-Imam Jawad (A.S)ProgramActivePublic0An important lecture on 14th August 2013, the independence day of Pakistan.
663.Eid-ul-Fitr Khutba (Sermon) 1434-2013Falsafa e Deen-, , Ramazan 1434-2013SermonActivePublic0Khutba Eid-ul-Fitr (Sermon)
664.Imam Khomeini (ra) Ka Paigam-e-Bedari Millat-e-Pakistan Ke NaamAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)2013 Others, LecturesActivePublic0A Must Listen Speech on the Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Arif Hussain Al-Hussaini (ra)
665.Tehreek-e-Azadi-e-Quds Aagaz-e-Fath-e-MubeenAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)-, Ramazan 1434-2013, ProgramActivePublic0
666.Gham-e-Ali (as) Az Zaban-e-Ali (as)Imamat Ummat-, Ramazan 1434-2013, , Ramazan 1435-2014MajalisActivePublic0Majalis on the Shahadat of Imam Ali (as) at Jamia Orwatul Wuthqa
667.Haqeeqat-e-Shab-e-QadrFalsafa-e-Ibadat-, Ramazan 1434-2013, MajalisActivePublic0Explaning the true meaning and reality of Shab-e-Qadr and in what way we should spent this Holy Night and the events of Shab-e-Zarbat-e-Amir-ul-Momaneen Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib(AS)
668.Uswa-e-Istqamat wa Mehjuriat-e-ImamatImamat Ummat2013 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Discussing the ''Forgotten'' Tarikh of Imam Musa Kazim (as), the difficulties of that time in which the Imam (as) was handed over the Imamat by Imam Sadiq (as), difficulties that the Imam (as) faced from Shia Groups & Parties which emerged against him.
669.Uswa-e-Hasana Hazrat-e-Khadeja (s.a.)Seerat Shanasi-, Ramazan 1434-2013, MajalisActivePublic0
670.Uswa-e-Kamila Seerat-e-Hazrat-e-Fatima (sa)Seerat Shanasi-, ProgramActivePublic0
671.Istiqbal-e-Maah-e-RamadanFalsafa-e-IbadatShaban Programs, MajalisActivePublic0
672.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 56Maarif-e-Islami2013 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 56 of Nehjul Balagha.
673.Intezar-ul-Faraj Az Nazar-e-QuranFalsafa -e- Intezar2013 OthersDarsActivePublic0A Must listen lecture on the night of 15 Shaban explaining the true meaning of Intezar-ul-Faraj as described in Quran and the difference to the traditional Intezar (Waiting).
674.Imamat-o-Ummat aur Haqeeqat-e-IntezarWilayat2013 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Very Important lecture explaining the reasons why an Ummat is far away from the system of Imamat and Wilayat and what is the true meaning of "Intezar-ul-Faraj"
675.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 55- SabrMaarif-e-Islami2013 Others, MajalisActivePublic0Explanation of the Hikmat No. 55 of Nehjul Balagha.
676.Political Analysis - Latest Developments After Iran ElectionsAsr Shanasi2013 Others, DarsActivePublic0
677.Sillat aur Zillat ke Darmiyan Nijat Ka Hussaini RaastaSeerat Shanasi2013 Others, ProgramActivePublic0
678.Jaazba wa Dafi|a Imam Khomeini (ra)Afkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)Barsi Imam Khomeini (r.a) Programs, ProgramActivePublic0
679.Jaazba wa Dafia-e-Imam Hussain (as)Seerat Shanasi2013 Others, ProgramActivePublic0Discussing the Jaazba (Attraction) & Dafia'a (Repulsion) of Imam Hussain (as)
680.Nasiran Wa Nasooran Dar Ehed-e-Imam Hassan (as)Seerat Shanasi-, Ramazan 1434-2013, DarsActivePublic0
681.Hikmat Ali (as) - 44Maarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Held at Korangi, Karachi
682.Warisan-e-Shohada Ka FarizaMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Majlis Imam Hassan (as) held at Abiciniea Lines Area
683.Hikmat Ali (A.S) - 50Maarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012, MajalisActivePublic0Hikmat-e-Ali (as) No.50 of Nahjul Balagha
684.Hikmat Ali (A.S) 49Maarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic02 Days Majalis held at Madinatul Ilm Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi
685.Shaq Ke AwamilMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0A series of Majalis at held different locations explaining "SHAQ" narrated in the Hikmat No.31 of Nahjul Balagha by Imam Ali (as)
686.Maqam-e-WalidainMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012, MajalisActivePublic0Majlis for Isal-e-Sawab Held at Different Places
687.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - Khud PasandiMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Hikmat No.46, held at Gulshan-e-Haadeed, Karachi
688.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - Ummat Ki AafaatMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Hikmat-e-Ali (as) No.47: 5-Day Majalis Held at Abbas Town
689.Hubb-e-Ali (as) - Momin or Munafiq Ki PehchanMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012, MajalisActivePublic0Hikmat-e-Ali (as) No.45 - Held at Landhi Baber Market, Karachi
690.Pakistan Mein Jari Siyasi Drama, Khooni Khel Aur Makhmali InqilabAsr Shanasi-, Muharram 1434-2012, SeminarActivePublic0Political Analysis Speech discussing the ''Velvet Revolution'' of Tahir-ul-Qadri & also discussing the situation of Shiites in Pakistan - Held on 13th January 2013
691.Che Bayad Kard?Imamat Ummat-, DarsActivePublic0Che Baayad Kard? (What should we do?) - Speech held on 12th May 2013 after Pakistan Elections
692.Hikmat Ali (as) - 48Maarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic03-Day Majalis Held at Markazi Imambargah, Jafar Tayyar
693.Hikmat Ali (as) - 43Maarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Ahmed House, K.D.A, Karachi
694.Shohada - Shama-e-BashariyyatMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Chelum of Shaheed Waseem held at Hassan Colony
695.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - Haqeeqat-e-KuffarMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0A series of Majalis held at Masjid-e-Yasrab in DHA, Karachi, discussing the true concept of Kuffar (Infidels) as narrated in the Hikmat No.31 of Nahjul Balagha by Imam Ali (as)
696.Ummat Ki AafaatImamat Ummat-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Ashra-e-Arbaeen from 11-20th Safar 1434 held at Islamic Research Center (I.R.C), Karachi
697.Khawateen Ki ZimedariyanIslam me Aurat ka Maqaam-, Muharram 1434-2012, MajalisActivePublic0
698.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - Zaban-e-Aaqil Dil Mein Aur Aql-e-Ahmaq Zaban MeinMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Hikmat No 40 of Nahjul Balagha by Imam Ali (as)
Held at Ahmedpur Sharqiya on 8th Safar 1434
699.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - Mushkilat Dar Fahm-e-DeenMaarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Series of Majalis at differnt locations in Lahore on explaining the Hikmat No 39 in Nahjul Balagha by Imam Ali (as)
700.Karbala Raah-e-Difa-e-Hurmat-e-MuqaddasatHamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 1434-2012, SeminarActivePublic0Speech at the International Islamic University Islamabad on 10th December 2012
701.Ta|aziat-e-Shohda-e-RawalpindiMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat-, Muharram 1434-2012ProgramActivePublic0Expressing Condolences to the Families of the Martyrs of Rawalpindi Procession Blast which occurred at Muharram 1434.
702.Hikmat-e-Ali (as) - 53 - Meyar-e-SakhawatMaarif-e-Islami-, ProgramActivePublic0Hikmat-e-Ali (as) No.53 of Nahjul Balagha
703.Maujooda Haalaat Mein Amal-e-Saleh Az Nazar-e-Quran-al-KareemAsr Shanasi-, Majlis-e-Takreem-e-Shohada, MajalisActivePublic0
704.Jashan-e-Wiladat Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (as)Seerat Shanasi-, ProgramActivePublic0
705.Uswa-e-Hasana Seerat-e-Imam Sajjad (as)Seerat Shanasi-, MajalisActivePublic0
706.Elahi Nizam Ka Intikhab Aur Taghuti Nizam Ka InkarWilayat-MajalisActivePublic0Speech at Saidpur
707.Uswa-e-Rasool (saww) Ki Roshni Mein Islami Muashray Ki TashkeelAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)-, SeminarActivePublic0Speech at the Imamia Organisation Convention
708.Aal-e-Kausar (Saadat) ki Tareekh Maqam aur ZimmedarianUmmat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan-, MajalisActivePublic0Speech at the Chehlum of Late Mazhar Naqvi, explaining the history of Saadat, their origin, their migration to the whole globe, their values and what their responsibilities are.
709.Falsafa-e-Shahadat wa Takreem-e-ShohadaMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat-, Majlis-e-Takreem-e-Shohada, SeminarActivePublic0A Speech at the seminar on the Anniversary of the Martyr of Revolution Dr. Mohammed Ali Naqvi
710.Yawm-e-Zainab (sa) - 1434Islam me Aurat ka Maqaam-, Muharram 1434-2012LecturesActivePublic0Speech at the Yawm-e-Zainab (sa) Program organized by ISO Talibat Division
711.Majlis-e-Takreem Wa Tazeem-e-ShohadaAsr Shanasi-, MajalisActivePublic0Majlis-e-Takreem Wa Tazeem-e-Shuhada
712.Karbala-e-QuettaAsr Shanasi-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Speeches in Dharna at Multiple Cities
713.Millat Ki Nijat Ka Qurani RastaMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat-, ProgramActivePublic0Discussing the Plots hatched by the Enemy against the Shias of Pakistan, the role of the Government, Terrorists & the People (including Religious & Non-Religious Political Groups)
714.Inqilab Jo Aaya Hay Aur Inqilab Jo Aana HayInqilab-e-Islami-, SeminarActivePublic0Speech held at Qaumi Markaz, Lahore on 11th February, 2013, the 34th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution
715.Documentary - Shaheed Muzaffar KirmaniMaqam-e-Shaheed aur ShahadatUnknownDocumentaryActivePublic0Documentary Film on Shaheed Muzaffar Ali Kirmani who was martyred on 5th February 2001
716.Labbaik Ya Hussain (as) ConferenceHamasa-e-Karbala-, Muharram 1434-2012SeminarActivePublic0Lecture held after the Historic 5-Day Resistance (Moqawamat) of the Momineen of Quetta
717.Bedari-e-Ummat-e-Mustafa (saww) - Istehmari Nizam Say Nijat ka RastaUmmat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan-, Rabi-ul-Awal 1434, LecturesActivePublic0Countrywide Lectures Explaining that The Awakening of Ummah is the only way to salvation from the "ISTEHMARI" system.
718.Hafta-e-Wahdat - 1434-2013Wahdat-e-Islami-, Rabi-ul-Awal 1434, SeminarActivePublic0Countrywide Lectures on Hafta-e-Wahdat from 11-17th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1434-2013
719.Ummat-e-Wahida Ki TashkeelWahdat-e-Islami, Paigambar-e-AazamHafta-e-Wahdat, -, ProgramActivePublic0Lecture held during Hafta-e-Wahdat & the Wiladat of Prophet Mohammed (saww) in Rabi-ul-Awwal 1427
720.Seminar Tehreek-e-Bedari Ummat-e-Mustafa (saww)Maarif-e-Islami-, Muharram 1434-2012, SeminarActivePublic0Held on 1st Rabi-ul-Awwal 1434
721.Huzoor-e-Ummat Dar Maidan AmalUmmat-Tabaqat aur Zimmedariyaan-, Muharram 1434-2012, MajalisActivePublic0Different Lectures Discussing Responsibilities of the Nation after the Historical victory of the Nation of Pakistan (With regards to Quetta) - Programs held during Rabi-ul-Awwal 1434
722.Majlis-e-Tarheem Saniha-e-MastungMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat-, Muharram 1434-2012MajalisActivePublic0Majlis Tarheem Saniha-e-Mastung Quetta and Namaz-e-Janaza of Shaheed Sajan held at Sakrand Sindh
723.Nasl-e-Ghulami Or Rasm-e-AzadiAsr Shanasi1438 OthersLecturesActivePublic1
724.Shadi Jwan Nasal ki Nijat Ka ZariyaFalsafa e Azdwaaj1439 OthersDarsActivePublic1Nikah Ceremony Helad At Jamia Urwa Tul Wusqa Lahore
725.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 98Maarif-e-Islami1438 OthersMajalisActivePublic1Majlis e Tarheem A series of Lectures of Hikmat Ali A.S held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa
726.Tatul Dr Tasalsul e WilayatWilayatEid e Ghadeer, ProgramActivePublic1Jashan-e-Eid Ghadeer Jamia Orwa Tul Wusqa And Difrent Location Lahore
727.Tafseer-e-Khutba-e-Fatimiyya-1439Falsafa e Deen1439 OthersMajalisActivePublic1
728.Azadari Sayyed-us-Shuhada Dar Jamia Hamasa-e-Karbala1439 MoharramProgramActivePublic19th mohram
729.Ahya Nizam e Islam Or Iqbal(rh)Asr Shanasi1439 OthersLecturesActivePublic1
730.Imam Dar Medain e ImamatHamasa-e-Karbala1439 MoharramMajalisActivePublic1Majlis-e-Aza 72 Taboot held at Muzafrpur Sialkot
731.Gilgit Baltistan Or CPEC Ki HaqiqatAsr Shanasi1439 OthersLecturesActivePublic1Political Analysis about current situation of Gilgit Baltistan held at Masjid-e-Baitul Ateeq Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
732.Hikmat-e-Ali (a.s) 99Maarif-e-Islami1439 MoharramMajalisActivePublic1Majlis e Tarheem A series of Lectures of Hikmat Ali A.S held at Iqbal Town Lahore
733.Jamal-e-Muhammad (pbuh)Imamat Ummat1439 OthersLecturesActivePublic1
734.Qayam-e-Imam Hussain a.s Ka Makki MarhlaHamasa-e-Karbala1439 MoharramMajalisActivePublic1Ashara Majalis 1439 Held at Masjid Al Bait UL Atique Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore Discussing the Topic of Hamasa Karbla
735.Barsi Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif Hussaini R.AShaksiyat Shanasi1438 OthersLecturesActivePublic1Barsi Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif Hussaini R.A held at Jamia Shaheed Arif Hussain Ul Hussani Pashawar
736.Barsi-e-Imam Khomeini(R.A) KarachiAfkar -e- Imam Khomeini (r.a)BarsiDarsActivePublic1Barsi-e-Imam Khomeini(R.A) Held At Nishtar Park Karachi
737.Fikr e Imam(RH)K Qurani UsoolSeerat Shanasi1438 OthersDarsActivePublic1Barsi-e-Imam Khomeini(R.A) Held At Jamia Urwa Tul Wusqa
738.Pairwan-e-Mahdaviyat wa Dushmanan e MahdaviyatFalsafa -e- Intezar1438 OthersProgramActivePublic1Jashan-e-Imam Zamana A.S held at Markazi Imam Bargah Parachinar
739.Jab Maro To Musalman MarnaMaqam-e-Shaheed aur Shahadat1438 OthersMajalisActivePublic1Majlis-e-Tarheem -
Malik Sarwar Hussain
Brahmy Chak Silakot
740.Ilahi Or Abai TariqaySeerat Shanasi1438 OthersDarsActivePublic1Jashan-e-Wiladat e Masomeen a.s Held at Markaz Taleem Ul Quran Iqbaltown Lahore
741.Parcham-e-Azadi ka nechy Kisht-e-GhulamiAsr ShanasiIndependence DaySeminarActivePublic1Speech on the Occasion of Pakistan Day - discussing the Importance of 23rd March as a ''Day of Hope'' to combat the current problems faced by the Pakistani Nation today.
742.Tayabaat or KhabisaatMaarif-e-Islami1438 OthersDarsActivePublic1Yom-e-Tasees Jamia Ummul Kitab & Jashan-e-Wiladat Janab Fatima Zehra s.a 1438
743.Asar-e-Hazir or Tulba ki ZimadariyaTaleem Wa Tarbiyat1438 OthersSeminarActivePublic1Lecture deliver to Students of Kargah held Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore
744.Khutba-e-Roz-e-Juma Jamia Orwatul WusqaAamal wa Ibadat1438 OthersSermonActivePublic1Discussing the Philosophy of Namaz-e-Juma'a and it's Ahkam. Please note that these sessions will mostly be held regularly on Friday. Stay tuned for the upcoming sessions
745.Siraat Taleemi NizamTaleem Wa Tarbiyat1439 OthersSeminarActivePublic1
746.Wasail-e-Zindagi or Hadaff-e-ZindagiMaarif-e-Islami1438 OthersSeminarActivePublic1An Important Lecture held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore During Doctors Kargah
747.Khutba-e-Namaz-e-Jumaa (Jamia Jaferia)Aamal wa Ibadat-, , Khutba-e-Namaz-e-JummaSermonActivePublic12Discussing the Philosophy of Namaz-e-Juma'a and it's Ahkam. Please note that these sessions will mostly be held regularly on Friday. Stay tuned for the upcoming sessions.
748.Khutba e Imam Ali(as)No238Maarif-e-Islami1438 OthersLecturesActivePublic2
749.Majlis-e-Shab-e-ArbaeenHamasa-e-Karbala1438 MoharramMajalisActivePublic8Majlis-e-Shabe Arbaeen held at Jamia Orwatul Wusqa Lahore